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Lacrosse Equipment Reviews

Best 10 lacrosse heads for attack:[2023]

If you are looking for Best lacrosse heads for attack then this post is for you.

Attack men arguably need good head and string work more than any other position in lacrosse. Attackers frequently carry the ball, start the offense, outwit defenders on one, and shoot frequently throughout the game. Attack heads need to have the ideal combination of strength and lightness, as well as a face shape that aids in control and precision. I have investigated the greatest options available to create this guide, which will assist players in finding the best attack heads for lacrosse.

I began by taking into account 25 distinct possibilities that were either created expressly for attack or offense in general to identify the greatest attack heads.  Then I read customer reviews, researched which heads college players use and which sell the best, and drove around to my neighborhood sporting goods stores to feel them for myself. The result was a ranking of the top 8 attackmen's lacrosse heads. You may learn more about these leaders, including their strengths and weaknesses, below.

1:Maverik Optik 3.0

The Optik 3.0 is the newest elite assault head in Maverik's well-known Optik range, and it was just recently introduced in June 2021. The 3.0 features more sidewall holes (twenty on each side) and is slightly stiffer than the Optik 2.0, which was our previous top-rated attack head. It also has a shorter throat that provides you more control when cradling with one hand.

The majority of the head of the Optik 3.0 features a tight pinch, which gives you better control while evading precision when shooting and passing. This head is incredibly simple to string thanks to the increased number of stringing holes and Maverik's Tension Lock technology.

The Maverik Optik 3.0 is excellent for low or mid-to-low pockets because it has a low offset. However, you could be better off choosing an alternative if you desire a pocket that is in the middle to high range. This is a fantastic head for attackmen overall. It is sturdy, keeps its shape nicely, has a great face shape, and the reduced throat makes it easier to carry with one hand. The Maverik Optik 2.0 is still among the best attack heads currently offered if you're trying to save some money.


  • light, stiff, and durable
  • narrow face shape
  • When cradled with one hand, a shorter throat provides you more control.


  • For mid-to-high pockets, not recommended

2:STX Surgeon 900

Due to its lightweight, narrow face shape, and hard plastic, the STX Surgeon 900 ranks next on our list of the finest attack heads. Its 4.4 oz weight makes it one of the lightest lacrosse heads ever made.

Despite being so light, it is surprisingly stiff thanks in large part to STX's EnduraForm plastic, one of the strongest on the market. However, compared to some of the larger (and heavier) attack heads, such as the ECD Rebel Offence, it is not quite as stiff. The Surgeon 900's narrow face form runs the length of the head, which is another fantastic feature.

Up until approximately halfway up the head, it has a narrow pinch. From there, it starts to flare out towards the scoop, which is still very small in comparison to other heads.

This makes it excellent for carrying the ball, which is something that many attackmen do, whether it is by dribbling from the X, cutting in from the wing, or going up top and down the lane.

The Speed Scoop that STX employed on this head is the final element I'd want to discuss. It works well for scooping up ground balls from all angles and hangs just a little bit above the top string holes to prevent your strings from getting in the way.


  • Extremely light
  • Narrow face shape
  • Great scoop


  • Not as stiff as some alternatives

3:Epoch Integra Z

The Epoch Integra Z-One's small weight and narrow face shape make it another excellent head for attackmen. This attack head is one of my favorite facial forms out of all those on this list.

It helps with ball control and accuracy since the pinch is rather narrow for most of the head before it expands out toward the scoop. On the Z-One, Epoch did a fantastic job with the sidewall holes. It contains several smaller holes throughout the rest of the head until you reach the throat when they reopen, and then larger holes near the top of the head for your top string.

Since the head's maximum offset is rather low, it's an excellent head for people who favor low pockets, which many attackmen do. On the negative side, it appears like Epoch made some stiffness compromises to make the Z-One lighter.  It's not at all flimsy, but if you prefer a very rigid head, you might not want to go with this.


  • ·         narrow face shape
  • ·         clever sidewall hole layout
  • ·         fairly light


  • less rigid than alternatives
  • For mid-to-high pockets, not recommended

4: Warrior Burn Warp XP-O

The Burn XP Offence is the newest head in Warrior's well-liked Burn range. Any attacking player would benefit greatly from its tight face shape.

The Burn XP-O performs effectively across the field while being specifically made for the outside shooter. To increase power on huge shots, it intentionally flexes in certain places.

On the negative side, this flexibility could need some getting used to and might be problematic when fielding ground balls. However, the Therma Loc plastic ought to prevent the plastic from becoming overly flimsy in hot conditions.

The Warrior Burn XP-O has a very pronounced offset towards the throat, which it keeps up until about two-thirds of the way up the head. It is hence excellent for stringing virtually any pocket. The Burn XP-O is a good option if you're an attackman who prefers somewhere between a low and a mid pocket.

The built-in Warp pocket, which has grown in popularity recently, is another option. The Warp pocket in the Burn XP-O seems enhanced compared to earlier versions, even though I still like to string my own pockets.

The replaceable Loc-Throat on the Burn XP Offence can be used to lessen head rattling. You can just take it off if you don't want the extra weight or find that your head is very steady without it.


  • narrow face shape
  • excellent for outdoor shooting
  • can be strung with any pocket.
  • Head rattling is lessened by Loc-Throat.


  • Versus other heads, more flexible (said to aid with outside shooting)

5:East Coast Dyes – 

Both attackmen and middies should consider the ECD Rebel Offence. It has a fantastic face shape and is sturdy but still somewhat light. Its pinch at the throat is fairly thin, and it eventually begins to flare out a little lower than many other unpleasant heads. Additionally, the scoop is a little bit narrower than many other heads. The diversity of the stringing possibilities in the Rebel Offence is one of my favorite features. One can choose between a mid/low and a mid/high pocket because the maximum offset is towards the middle of the head.  There are various stringing holes, much like on many other ECD heads, so you may design your pocket however you desire.

They are positioned pretty advantageously on the sidewall, in my opinion. In the one I tested, it was simple to locate a sidewall design that I could use. Last but not least, the Rebel Offence has a fantastic scoop that makes it simple to grab ground balls from all angles. To prevent your top string from getting in the way of scooping the ball, it also features a little lip. The ECD Rebel Offence is an all-around head that should suit the majority of attackmen.


  • enables multiple pocket locations
  • Quite a few stringing holes, stiff for the offensive head
  • amazing face form


  • a little bit heavier than some substitutes

6:STX Lacrosse Stallion 700

One of the greatest lacrosse heads available for elite players, the STX Stallion 700 is a force to be reckoned with on the pitch.  To allow shooters to strike the net and avoid wasting precious time attempting to feed the ball from a lower set pocket, the bottom side rail is stretched out towards the scoop.

The Speed Scoop, which turns the scoop towards the bottom of the stick for simpler ground balls, was developed for the STX Stallion 700 lacrosse head. This newer head, which costs $90 and has received excellent reviews, would be a useful accessory for any lacrosse player. Users of the head have expressed satisfaction with how simple it is to scoop up ground balls.

I can provide you with some general pros and cons of the STX Lacrosse Stallion 700 lacrosse head. Please note that there may have been updates or changes to the product since then, so it's a good idea to check the latest reviews and specifications for the most current information.


  • The Stallion 700 is known for its sturdy and durable construction, which can withstand the rigors of lacrosse gameplay.
  • This head is designed to perform well in various positions on the field, making it suitable for both offensive and defensive players.
  • Many players appreciate the design of the Stallion 700 for its ability to scoop up ground balls effectively, which is crucial in lacrosse.
  • The head's design and shape can help players retain the ball better, giving them better control during cradling and shooting.
  • It offers versatile stringing options, allowing players to customize the pocket to suit their playing style.
  • The stiffness of the head can help generate more power when shooting, making it a good choice for offensive players.


  • ·         High-quality lacrosse heads like the Stallion 700 can be relatively expensive, which may not be suitable for budget-conscious players.
  • ·         Some players may find the head to be on the heavier side, which can affect their overall stick handling and agility.

Always remember that individual preferences and playing styles can influence whether a particular lacrosse head is a good fit for a player. It's essential to consider your own needs and preferences and, if possible, try out the equipment before making a purchase decision.

7:Maverik [Lacrosse Tank  Head for attack men]

You will have the assurance you need to leap into ground ball scrums and throw strong checks knowing your lacrosse head can take the damage if it has a wide lacrosse head and a stiff frame.

We won't lie; this head won't last you your entire playing career, but it will aid in efficient checking when you are on defense.

A popular Maverik Tank lacrosse head for the defenseman who enjoys laying the lumber on shifting attackmen, Maverik came up with a great performer.

This head is excellent for powerful poke checks because of its robust frame and reinforced sidewalls. This head will last you at least two seasons, and it costs about $70 over on Amazon.


  • 1. Protection: Lacrosse equipment, including tanks, typically offers protection to players from various impacts and potential injuries during the game. This protection can include padding for the torso, shoulders, and arms.
  • 2. Durability: Well-made lacrosse equipment is designed to withstand the physical demands of the game, which can involve collisions, stick checks, and more. High-quality materials and construction contribute to durability.
  • 3. Fit and Comfort: Properly designed equipment should provide a comfortable and secure fit for the player, allowing for ease of movement and minimal distractions during play.
  • 4. Compliance: Lacrosse equipment must meet certain safety standards and regulations set by governing bodies such as US Lacrosse. Ensuring that your equipment complies with these standards is essential for player safety and legality.
  • 5. Customization: Many lacrosse equipment pieces, including tanks, can be customized in terms of color, design, and features, allowing players to express their style.


  • 1. Cost: High-quality lacrosse equipment can be expensive, especially when purchasing multiple pieces. However, investing in quality gear can lead to better performance and increased safety.
  • 2. Sizing Challenges: Finding the right size and fit can be a challenge, especially for younger players who are still growing. Ill-fitting equipment can lead to discomfort and reduced effectiveness on the field.

Please note that the pros and cons of a specific product like the “Maverik Lacrosse Tank” can vary depending on its design, materials, and how well it meets the needs of the individual player. It's essential to consider your playing style, preferences, and safety when evaluating lacrosse equipment. Additionally, for the most up-to-date information, I recommend checking reviews and product descriptions from reputable sources or consulting with experienced players and coaches.

8: X10

This is again another excellent STX lacrosse head offering. from the lacrosse gods and given to us!

The X10 was STX lacrosse's reaction after Brine released the Edge lacrosse head. With such a great design, you can't go wrong. Although the STX X10 has a versatile design that would be at home in anyone's hands, you'll see a lot of d-poles running around with it.

We adore the STX X10 for you as an LSM (Long-stick middie) or defensive player. It costs only about $60 on Amazon, is very stiff for checks, and makes the ideal scoop for those annoying ground balls.

X10 is a communication protocol used for home automation and remote control of electrical devices. It was one of the earliest technologies in this field and has both advantages and disadvantages. Keep in mind that the popularity of X10 has waned in recent years as newer technologies like Z-Wave and Zigbee have become more prevalent. However, here are some pros and cons of X10:


  • X10 devices are often more affordable than their newer counterparts, making it a budget-friendly option for home automation.
  • Since X10 has been around for a long time, there are many X10-compatible devices and controllers available, offering a wide range of options for users.
  • X10 operates on the existing electrical wiring of your home, which can provide reliable communication between devices within the same electrical circuit.
  • X10 systems can be expanded by adding more devices without significant difficulty, making it a scalable solution for home automation needs.
  • X10 allows users to control devices remotely, whether from another room in the house or even over the internet with the right equipment and setup.


  • X10's communication range is limited to the electrical wiring of your home, which can result in issues with devices on different circuits or in distant parts of the house.
  • X10 signals can be affected by electrical noise and interference, potentially leading to unreliable communication between devices.

In conclusion, X10 can still be a viable choice for those on a budget or those with specific compatibility requirements. However, it's essential to be aware of its limitations, especially regarding range, reliability, and security, when considering it for home automation projects. Many users have migrated to more advanced and secure technologies in recent years due to these drawbacks.

9:STX Lacrosse Eclipse 2 

The lacrosse head from STX is unstringed. Since many players prefer various pocket depths, the majority of lacrosse goalies choose to string their lax heads. As a goaltender, it will be challenging to play with a stringed head because it will take some time to become used to that pocket depth.

Although the Eclipse has been around for a while, it has never lost its position as one of, if not the best head for a custodian.  The Eclipse is designed for the elite goaltender but may also be used by junior goaltenders. It has an offset to give clears more strength and to absorb shots.

To prevent rebounds and enable precise, quick outlet passes, the goaltender might string the pocket using strategically positioned stringing holes.  The STX Eclipse lacrosse goalie head is a robust and very dependable head that costs between $75 and $100.

The STX Lacrosse Eclipse 2 is a popular lacrosse head that is known for its performance and durability. However, like any sports equipment, it has its pros and cons. Here are some of the pros and cons of the STX Lacrosse Eclipse 2:


  • The Eclipse 2 is known for its rugged durability, making it suitable for players who engage in aggressive play styles. It can withstand checks, ground balls, and impacts without warping or breaking easily.
  • It features a wide face shape that provides an excellent surface area for catching passes and securing ground balls, making it easier for players to control the ball.
  • The Eclipse 2 is designed to be stiff, which enhances shot accuracy and ball control. The stiffness of the head allows for consistent performance in various weather conditions.
  • Its scoop is designed to help players pick up ground balls effortlessly, which is essential for midfielders and face-off specialists.
  • The head is compatible with the STX Precision Pocket, allowing players to customize their pocket to suit their playing style and preferences.
  • It is suitable for both offensive and defensive players due to its wide face shape and stiffness, making it a versatile option for players of various positions.


  • The STX Lacrosse Eclipse 2 is relatively expensive compared to some other lacrosse heads on the market, which can be a drawback for budget-conscious players.
  • While the stiffness of the head is an advantage, it may feel slightly heavier to some players, affecting their agility and maneuverability.

Ultimately, the STX Lacrosse Eclipse 2 is a high-quality lacrosse head with many advantages, but whether it's the right choice for you depends on your playing style, preferences, and budget. It's essential to consider your individual needs when selecting lacrosse equipment.

Conclusion “Best 10 Lacrosse Heads for Attack”:

In the fast-paced and dynamic world of lacrosse, selecting the right equipment can make all the difference, and when it comes to the attack position, your choice of lacrosse head is crucial. Throughout this guide, we've delved into the top 10 lacrosse heads tailored specifically for attack players, answering your burning questions along the way.

Choosing the perfect lacrosse head for your attack play involves considering factors like the head's shape, stiffness, pocket design, and material. We've explored the pros and cons of different options, giving you a comprehensive understanding of what works best for your playing style.

Remember, while these 10 lacrosse heads have proven themselves as fantastic options for attack players, your personal preferences, and the specific requirements of your game may lead you to prefer one over the other. Whether you're looking for a narrow or wide head, a specific pocket style, or a head that conforms to regulations, there's an option out there that's perfectly suited to your needs.

Moreover, always keep an eye on emerging technologies and innovations in the world of lacrosse heads. As the sport evolves, so does the equipment, and staying informed about the latest advancements can help you gain a competitive edge.

In the end, the best lacrosse head for your attack game is the one that complements your skills and makes you feel confident on the field.

We hope this guide has shed light on the choices available and that you find the perfect lacrosse head to help you excel in your role as an attacking player. With the right equipment in hand, you'll be ready to unleash your full potential and make your mark on the lacrosse field.

So, gear up, practice hard, and let your chosen lacrosse head be an extension of your skills as you aim for success and glory in the game we all love. Play on, attack players, play on!

(FAQs) Best lacrosse heads for attack

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 What makes a lacrosse head suitable for attack players specifically?

   – Explain the unique characteristics that attack players typically look for in a lacrosse head.

 Are there any rules or regulations regarding lacrosse heads for attack players?

   – Inform readers about any specific rules or restrictions related to lacrosse heads for attack positions, such as NCAA or high school regulations.

What are the advantages of a narrow or wide head for attack players?

   – Discuss the pros and cons of narrow and wide lacrosse heads for attack players to help readers make an informed choice.

Do I need a lacrosse head with a specific pocket design for attack play?

   – Explain the importance of pocket design and how it can impact an attack player's performance.

Are there any recommended materials for lacrosse heads for attack positions?

   – Discuss the materials commonly used in lacrosse heads and their suitability for attack players.

Can you recommend some lacrosse heads that are known for their performance in attack positions?

   – Provide a list of top-quality lacrosse heads that have proven to be effective for attack players.

How can I maintain and care for my lacrosse head to prolong its lifespan?

   – Offer tips and guidelines for maintaining and cleaning a lacrosse head to ensure it lasts longer.

What's the average price range for lacrosse heads suitable for attack players?

   – Give readers an idea of the price range they can expect when shopping for a quality lacrosse head for attack play.

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