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How Long Is Lacrosse Game? | Ultimate Guide 2023

It's common to want to know, “How long is lacrosse game?” the answer is that it varies with factors such as the player's skill level, the game's difficulty, and the tournament's rules.

You need to know what lacrosse league or division you'll be watching or playing in before you can estimate how long a game will last. However, there are still 60 minutes of play in a typical lacrosse game.

lacrosse player taking a rest

It is an exciting and fast-paced sport that is becoming increasingly popular among young athletes. Lacrosse, played by both men and women, began in the eastern United States and is now popular all around the country.

In this article, you will know the lacrosse duration depending on its skill level, the basic rules of the game, and how to play it. 

How Long Is Lacrosse Game According To The Skill Level

A regular lacrosse season lasts roughly as long as I've stated above, that is, 60 minutes. This time frame is divided into four quarters, lasting between 12 and 15 minutes.

There is a 2-minute break between each quarter, with a 10-minute break during halftime. There are a total of four minutes worth of timeouts. In other words, if you watch a live lacrosse game or play lacrosse, you should schedule at least 90 minutes.

How long are lacrosse games? The table below breaks it down by skill level and the time duration of each quarter.

Length of a lacrosse game can also be decided mutually in any of the local box lacrosse match. Why so? Because youth lacrosse games are highly in demand in high school lacrosse games' list.

lacrosse players snatching the ball

Skill LevelAverage Time (Real-time)Quarters
Premier Lacrosse League (PLL)65 minutes without overtime12 minutes x 4
National Lacrosse League (NLL)85 minutes without overtime15 minutes x 4
College78 minutes without overtime15 minutes x 4
High School65 minutes without overtime12 minutes x 4
Youth50 minutes without overtime8 minutes x 4

Overview Of The Lacrosse Game's Timing Structure

The framework of a lacrosse game is critical to understand before diving into the specifics of this article. I will not focus on how long is a lacrosse game here because of the wide variety of rules and schedules used by different leagues and competitions. We shall instead focus on the importance of timing in a lacrosse match.

Quarters: Every lacrosse game is divided into four quarters. It's unusual for a lacrosse game to have halftime and an intermission.

  • Halftime

The interval between the second and third quarters is called halftime. It's where coaches may spend extra time with athletes as they rest. It is the best time for the crowd to get food and drink. It is also a possibility to use the restroom as well.

  • Timeouts

Every tournament or league has rules for things like timeouts. Two timeouts are allotted per half in collegiate lacrosse, whereas three are available in the Premier Lacrosse League.

  • Overtime

If each team's final score is tied at the end of a rule, the game will continue into overtime. There is some flexibility in the overtime rules, depending on the tournament or league. Thus, most lacrosse overtime periods ended in a sudden death format. If the “sudden death” rule is applied to the game, the team who scores first wins.

General Idea On How To Play Lacrosse Game

The fields used for modern lacrosse are long and narrow, with goals at each end. Two teams of ten players try to score by kicking a little rubber ball into their opponents' net. Lacrosse players pick up, carry, toss, catch, and shoot the ball using long sticks outfitted with a net-like pocket or basket on the end instead of their hands or feet.

Players can whip the ball around the field at lightning speed thanks to the Crosse, the lacrosse stick. As a result of the high pace and physical attributes of the game, lacrosse is often called “the quickest game on two feet.” Playing lacrosse requires a lot of running and jumping. Thus the best players tend to be very agile and have great stamina.

lacrosse players running during playing

A lacrosse team consists of 10 players: 3 attackers, 3 midfielders, 3 defenders, and 1 goalkeeper. Passing the ball with strategy and accuracy is essential to gameplay. Lacrosse games can contain fast breaks, picks, and diverse defensive techniques like zone and man-to-man, similar to basketball.

In lacrosse, a Crosse is one of many specific weapons. Players must wear protective gear because of the rapid intensity with which the little, hard ball whips around the field and the frequent nature of player contact. Typical lacrosse protective gear includes gloves, a helmet, a mouth guard, and shoulder, rib, and elbow pads.

The process of regulation time in both of the teams play is very needed as college lacrosse games can't be tested with some low-level rules at all.

The Rules Of Lacrosse

The rules and goals for lacrosse play are the same as for other sports. In what follows, I will let you know some of the basic rules of lacrosse used at all levels, from elementary school to the pros.

  • Use your Lacrosse Stick

The lacrosse stick is used for every game aspect, from passing and catching to cradling and scooping to shooting. To play the ball or to interfere with an opponent, you may not use your hands or feet in any way.

  • Out of Boundary

If the ball leaves the playing area, play is immediately stopped. The team with the player nearest the out-of-bounds shot gets possession. Likewise, if a player goes out of bounds, the team that did not last touch the ball has control.

lacrosse players practicing match

  • Stick or Body Checking

Stick and body checks are both allowed. A stick check occurs when a defender raises or pokes an opponent's stick to knock the ball loose. At the 12U level and above, checking is restricted to the use of the stick.

  • Foul Calls

Foul play includes cross-checking, tripping, slashing, illegal crosses, body checks, lousy sportsmanship, and excessive roughness. Technical fouls lose possession, and the personal fouls result in 1-, 2-, or 3-minute bench time (much like hockey). The penalty depends on the foul and the referee's decision.

  • The Goal-Crease

The goal crease surrounds the goal and protects the goaltender from shots. The goalie is off-limits to anyone outside the crease. The opposing team cannot enter the goal area. Defenders need to get outside the crease if they want a chance to block a shot.

lacrosse players play with honor

Final Words

Now that you know how long the lacrosse game often lasts and how the game is generally structured, you can go out and play confidently. Also, I hope you know how long is lacrosse game from start to finish.

In a nutshell, lacrosse is a speedy and fair game with well-crafted rules. Expect to invest an hour and a half in the game if you plan to watch a live lacrosse match. However, if you play it yourself, ensure you have enough stamina to last the competition.

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