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How many periods are in lacrosse? Affirmative Guide 2023

Do you know how many periods are in lacrosse? If not, then you should read this guide like a beginner. In this guide, I will teach you how many periods are in lacrosse 2023. Suppose you are a big fan of lacrosse games and have plans to play lacrosse in the future. Then you might wonder how long a lacrosse game lasts or how many periods are in lacrosse games.

Ideally, the lacrosse game lasts for 60 minutes. In addition, the length of a high school lacrosse game varies based on the league. If I have to answer this in a single line about how many periods are in lacrosse, I will say 4 quarters which lasts 32 minutes in youth games.

lacrosse player in a game

How Many Periods Are In lacrosse? Is it 3 or 4?

Before getting into the specifics, let me briefly describe the structure of the lacrosse game, which is important to comprehend. 

Remember that the regulations and schedules vary depending on the lacrosse league. Therefore, we will only go through the precise periods. This is because different lacrosse games occasionally change. As a result, we will discuss the parts of this that deal with lacrosse's precise timing.

It would help if you decided first which league or division you will watch or participate in before you can estimate how long a lacrosse game lasts. This is because each association has its own set of regulations. 

Before jumping into how long the lacrosse games last or how many periods are in lacrosse, let's discuss parts of lacrosse games:

lacrosse men playing game


Every lacrosse match is divided up into quarters. It happens very infrequently that a lacrosse game is divided into only two halves. Four 15-minute quarters make up a typical lacrosse game, with the clock only pausing when a goal is scored or the ball leaves the field of play.

After each quarter, play is stopped to give teams a chance to alter their plans, make substitutions, and take a break. The crews take a break for halftime after the second quarter. The division, league, or age group a lacrosse game is played in will determine how long it lasts.

kids playing lacrosse


Halftime is the pause between the second and third quarters. As the players recover, the coaches spend more time with the athletes. The crowd should also take advantage of this time to buy snacks and drinks. Bathroom breaks must be scheduled during this period.


Every league or competition has its own set of rules. While the elite lacrosse League allows for three timeouts every game, college lacrosse only allows for two timeouts per half. A lacrosse timeout is a play pause that enables the coach to speak with the team.

The field's players will assemble around the coach during a timeout and listen to instructions. Like other sports, lacrosse timeouts are effective when a team is having trouble or the coach wants to slow down the opposition. Timeouts can significantly alter the course of the game and, eventually, the result if employed properly.

great lacrosse player shot


If a team is tied, overtime will be played after regulation time. The guidelines for overtime might vary by league or contest. The majority of overtime in lacrosse results in sudden demise.

After the regulation play, if the score is tied, overtime is used to decide the winner. The team that scores the most goals during this extra period is deemed the champion.

In overtime, goals can be scored by either team. A shootout is held at the end of overtime if there is still a tie between the teams. Similar to soccer, each team will alternate, taking shots from the same distance at the goal. Depending on the teams' ages and abilities, this distance changes.

How many periods are in the lacrosse game? This is one of the most often asked questions regarding the sport. The participant's age, the match's difficulty, and tournament regulations affect how long a lacrosse game lasts.

This article will respond to your query and provide further intriguing lacrosse information. You'll have a better idea of how long a lacrosse game can last at the conclusion.

How long do Premier Lacrosse Games last?

The Premier Lacrosse League was founded not long ago. They continue to follow the fundamental lacrosse rules, though. Well, there are a few minor variations in the size of the field and the distance between the goals. Moreover, the time has changed.

Let's look at it. The official time limit in the elite lacrosse league is 48 minutes. There are four quarters of 12 minutes each. Each team is only allowed three timeouts per game, for a total of four minutes. 

The total playing time, with all the quarter-intermission pauses, comes to about 65 minutes every game. If the teams are tied for the most points at the end of regulation, overtime will be played. 

The 12-minute overtime is won by the team that scores first. Therefore, if a game goes into overtime, there will be roughly 78 minutes in each game. There was a one-minute break added.

before lacrosse match starting

How long do College Lacrosse Games last?

Before jumping to the major levels, young athletes establish themselves in college lacrosse. We utilize the regulations of college lacrosse as a starting point to describe the rules of professional lacrosse. 

They are so similar that this is the case. Let's examine how long a lacrosse game lasts.

Four quarters are in a collegiate lacrosse game, each lasting 15 minutes. Each quarter has a two-minute intermission. The players will have a 10-minute rest during halftime between the second and third quarters. A college lacrosse game lasts 74 minutes once the three timeouts are added. 

You will play overtime if there is a tie at the end of the game. Death is unexpected and sudden. It will take 4 minutes for a team to score in extra time if necessary. It is difficult to predict how long the game will last because the team with the first goal wins.

a lacrosse helmet

How long do High School Lacrosse Games last?

Most lacrosse players for colleges are selected when they are still in high school. For pros, this is the starting point. However, compared to college lacrosse, high school lacrosse is played with a different enthusiasm. The way that time is organized doesn't change. Let's look at it now.

Each quarter in a high school lacrosse game lasts 12 minutes. Except for halftime, there are around 2 minutes in between each quarter. The players now take a ten-minute rest. A full game of regular time will take approximately 65 minutes if the stop-start whistle is included.

The teams will play overtime if there is still a tie at the end of regulation. There are four 4-minute segments in total. Sadly, it is hard to predict how long a game will last if extra time is used. This is because the teams will continue to play until one of them scores.

How long do Youth Lacrosse Games last?

High school lacrosse matches are similar to youth lacrosse matches. The length of the games is the only change in the rules, and that is exactly what we will look at in this part. So, let's get started.

A youth lacrosse game has a regulation time of 32 minutes. This is divided into eight-minute segments. Quarter breaks last two minutes, and a 10-minute break follows halftime. The overall regulation time now equals roughly 46 minutes. Out of all the leagues described in this article, this one is by far the shortest.

Similar to high school lacrosse, overtime must be taken into account, and once more, it can be challenging to specify a specific time. The game ends with a winner after each extra period, which can run up to 4 minutes. An unexpected death usually occurs over time.


It is simple to generalize how long a lacrosse game lasts or how many periods are in a lacrosse game. We intended to inform you of the average length of a game in each of the major categories. This article has addressed all of your inquiries.

So, I hope you may know now how many periods are in lacrosse. If you still need guidance on today's topic, “how many periods are in lacrosse,” make sure you comment below so I can help you.

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