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How To Play Lacrosse? Helpful Embellish Guide You Need 2023

You have developed your interest in lacrosse, and now you are here to learn how to play lacrosse to become a master. Picking this sport as a player is easy, but how to play lacrosse is the real question.

kids playing lacrosse

But I can assure you that after this guide, you will know all the rules of lacrosse and how to play this game professionally. In lacrosse, a player carries a stick to catch the ball & then goals it by crossing the goal line.

The opponent goal is to stop the player by snatching the ball to avoid defeat. It's an eye contact sport because players must pay close attention to almost every player.

Lacrosse for the girl is the same thing as men play. The main difference is that this game is much more prevalent in men than women. But internationally, this game is trendy, and people love to play lacrosse.

Whether you are a girl or a boy, always include a helmet in your kit to play lacrosse. This protective equipment can save you from all types of accidents.

lacrosse men playing game

In this post, you will learn many things about this game: how to play lacrosse and become a star of lacrosse ground. Also, I will share some lacrosse rules, which will help you to manage everything like a pro because you know the rules and regulations in the end.

  • Basic Fundamentals the Rules to Master Lacrosse
  • Learn About Equipment
  • Position to Play Lacrosse

So, these are some tactics you can learn to become a master of lacrosse. And today's article will revolve around the things I mentioned above. Are you ready to take action in this game? How is lacrosse played & how you can be a master in this game.

One thing more, how you play lacrosse is not essential when you are in international games because you need to follow every single rule which can help you to become a great lacrosse player.

Stick around with me if you want to know everything about the lacrosse match or game in 2023. It will help you a lot in your career as a professional player. 

lacrosse player in a game

  1. Fundamentals of Lacrosse:

The first thing you need to learn about lacrosse rules is the fundamentals of this game. It will help you to become a better player and enhance your lacrosse skills. 

These fundamentals own many rules on how to play lacrosse in a better way so the sport of lacrosse can be learned professionally. That's why fundamentals are crucial for you to know.

Let me discuss with you all the fundamentals of this game that you need to learn to become a perfect person in this game.

Before you know everything about this game, make sure you know about the three major parts of the stick we use to play lacrosse:

Lacrosse Head: This is the main and upper part of the lacrosse stick, which you can use to play the lacrosse ball. This part also supports the pocket of the stick.

Lacrosse Pocket: Lacrosse pocket is a part of the stick used to carry the ball in a net pocket during the game.

Lacrosse Shaft: This is the longest part of the stick; we can also call this rod of the stick we hold when playing lacrosse.

lacrosse player running

These are the most essential part of the stick you will use whenever you play lacrosse. You can't be a great lacrosse player without the stick and these essential details.

That's why you always try to learn from basic to advanced whenever you learn any skill like lacrosse. This is the main thing I want to tell you.

How to Hold a Lacrosse Stick?

Maybe you think holding a stick is a child's game, but it's not. You don't know that a minor mistake can ban you from the competition. That's why you must learn how to hold a lacrosse stick during the match.

Once you learn how to hold the stick properly, you will understand this tactic so perfectly that you realize how easy it is, like you are playing lacrosse daily. 

Per this game's rule, the player cannot touch the stick's plastic part. Also, the player cannot touch the ball with their hands. Only a stick can catch or touch the ball per the lacrosse rule of catching and throwing the ball. 

You can use the ordinary inner gloves if you think your hands are slippery and you cannot survive with the best grip of the stick.

lacrosse players play with honor

How to Cradle in Lacrosse:

Cradle is the player's movement that how they move when they have the ball in their pocket. Remember that only a netting pocket is allowed in lacrosse to carry and hold the ball. 

Rest, you will face a penalty, which is unsuitable for any lacrosse player. It would help if you did not use bare hands to catch the ball.

This is not rocket science at all. Remember to “do not touch the ball with your hands.” That's why we use the long stick to play lacrosse because this is what you need to know about this game.

The popularity of lacrosse is increasing day by day due to its strict rules and regulations that management makes daily. You can imagine how popular lacrosse is by a single statement: you cannot play lacrosse without proper equipment.

This is because of some reasons, like hitting the ball can hurt you, and there should be some uniform and equipment you need to carry during any game. 

You can learn how to cradle in lacrosse by watching the video below. This would be helpful for you to know everything about the cradle. 

Learn How to Pass

You might think that passing a ball in lacrosse is easy and you can do it without proper knowledge. But no, this is not. It would help if you learned some essential advanced rules to live in this game.

It will help you to become a better player and teach lacrosse to beginners. 

lacrosse players practicing match

Passing is how one player delivers the ball to his teammate to reach the goal. Players can do this by tossing the ball and hit on the surface of the ground after bouncing again. That's how you can move from one place to another to pass the ball properly. 

If you are moving the ball from one player to another in a proper way that no other team member can catch, you are good to go. Always pay close attention to who is near you when your ball is in your stick's pocket. It will help you to become the best player in this game.

Learn How to Catch

Catching is not that easy because a lot of tricks need to be done when you want to play lacrosse and catch the ball during the match. 

  • Close your dominant hand near the top of the shaft so that it becomes easy for you to catch easily. 
  • Turn the close part of the shaft near the dominant position so you can get the maximum benefit from catching. This is how to see a lacrosse ball every time with minimal risk. 
  • Maintaining the bounce after catching the ball is a thing to deal with the lacrosse ball we're seeing. Although it is hard and needs a lot of practice, we become masters in that.
lacrosse players running during playing

A video guide is attached about catching lacrosse balls below.

Learn How to Scoop

This is the most challenging skill, it looks like. That's why you must first know what this is before learning it. A scoop in lacrosse is checking the ball, which is hitting the ground that neither team player is catching right now. 

It is a more complicated thing to do in a lacrosse match. You need to bend the knee, lower your body and then move towards the ball on the ground. Now the next part is quickly scooping the ball faster than other players. 

It is also called the lacrosse ground ball technique, which is a common thing in lacrosse, and many times this thing happens on the ground by any team or player. 

Below is the visual guide to learning about scooping in lacrosse

Learn How to Shoot

Shooting is how a player digs the goal in a way that nobody can stop. This is a tricky thing that needs to be practiced more than learning. I am not saying that you don't need to learn how to shoot in lacrosse. I am just saying it is essential for you to know how to shoot correctly in lacrosse.

lacrosse players snatching the ball

Make room to open both your hands in such a way that can help you to shoot the goal. This will help you open your hands to hit the lacrosse ball with total energy so nobody can see the ball is upcoming. 

Then you can have the best goal, and you can play and win big matches. You need to know this trick and how to do it even in international tournaments. 

Always practice this with double the team member so you can easily approach the goal when there is an actual match. I always recommend you do this because the goal is the only thing in lacrosse matches that can help you win games.

  1. Rules of Lacrosse Game

I want to congratulate you on covering the fundamentals of this game. Now it's time to focus on improving this game and learn some rules for lacrosse. The regulations for lacrosse are straightforward but tricky. You cannot become a great lacrosse player if you are faking around.

These lacrosse rules are meant to make you successful. I can say this about the basic to advance rules of lacrosse.

Lacrosse Game Format

The first thing you need to know is how lacrosse game is formatted to play matches. The usual format is a total of four quarters, and each quarter contains a total of 12 minutes round, including 6 minutes of intermission for some rest. 

lacrosse player trying to safe goal

Before starting the game, a referee must blow the whistle, and the game will begin. You can not play lacrosse before or after the referee because he is your game holder and can decide any decision regarding the contest or player.

As soon as the referee whistle, all the players start running and moving around to provide the best game for the team they are playing for in lacrosse. 

Depending on the match type, these rounds can take up to 15 minutes. This is how these teams are formatted in the real world.

You can watch the video below to learn how the lacrosse team is formatted visually. 

How Lacrosse Teams are Organized

After the game format, it's time to know how these lacrosse teams are organized in any tournament or match. So, let's get started:

Attackmen: They are the player who is mostly or always on the defensive side of the game. Their primary goal is to score goals.

Midfielders: These players run in almost every corner of the ground. This is because players must face both offensive and defensive experience and are primarily good at these things.

Defensemen: Their job is to shift the possession to the offense after scoring by occupying the defense end. 

Goalkeeper: As you know goalkeeper's goal is to stop the plan and win the team's chance to play more.

lacrosse team warm up

  1. Learn Everything About Equipment:

Whether you are the best player of the decade or not, if you don't have the best equipment, you will probably not play as a lacrosse rule. It would help if you learned everything about our equipment while playing this game. 

The picture below shows everything about the equipment which you need to know:

Here is the complete vision of what you need to play lacrosse game. That's why I want you to know how to play lacrosse professionally. Let me add all the equipment you need before you play or practice lacrosse. 

  • Mouth Guard
  • Helmet
  • Lacrosse Stick
  • Shoulder Pads
  • Gloves
  • Arm Pads
  • Cleats
  • Pinnie 

These are the equipment you need for lacrosse play. The equipment and rules of girls' lacrosse are almost the same. There is nothing to worry about the girl because you need the same lacrosse. However, this is a general guide and not only for men. 

My Thoughts about How to play Lacrosse:

If you are still confused about where to start lacrosse, I want to tell you that you need to get started as a midfield because this is the safest place to start lacrosse. 

Also, this place is good to start because you could have chances here to learn from expert lacrosse players. This is how you will know how to play lacrosse effectively. 

Box lacrosse, also known as boxla, is a great start for someone who wants to become a great lacrosse player in an international team.

one lacrosse player is down during match

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs

Is Lacrosse a Sport or a Game?

Lacrosse is a sport; we call it a game at some points. This is not about the sport or game; this is about how people pronounce this. So, in actuality, it's a sport. 

How Many People Play Lacrosse in a Team?

A total of ten players on each side play lacrosse. These ten players include 1 goalkeeper, 3 in a defensive position, 3 midfielders, and three in the attacker's position. 

Is Lacrosse Easy?

Lacrosse is a tricky game and not so hard. But you can call it a little bit hard for the newbies because they need to practice more than other players. That's the level of this game that you need to understand.

Lacrosse is a native American game that gains possession in a very short period.

If you want to avoid the penalty box in this game, forget about easy or hard and focus more on the professional game.


So, I hope you learn how to play lacrosse and, most importantly, how to play it like a pro. If you need anything else regarding lacrosse rules or to learn anything else, let me know, and I will be there to guide you all about the lacrosse game.

Also, don't forget to bookmark this page if you want to learn something more that you forget.  I will see you in the following article with something unique and new. Until then, ensure you learn all about lacrosse and update me so I can teach you more in-depth about this game. See you around. Cheers!

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