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Lacrosse Cleats Vs Football Cleats 2023 – The Key Differences

Lacrosse and football cleats are made for almost the same purpose, to provide the player peace and extra durability. Today I will share with you all about Lacrosse cleats vs football cleats to know about these two categories deeply.

So, stay with me, and I will guide you on how you can choose the best cleats for Lacrosse. This way, you will know about football cleats vs lacrosse cleats, their types, your need, and the things you need to follow during the shopping.

lacrosse men playing game

The most common use of lacrosse or football cleats is to provide the player a complete duration of softness, stability, and power to move forward.

No such thing can differentiate between these two, or you can't say they are totally different. After this guide on lacrosse cleats vs football cleats 2023, you will know everything about these cleats which you need to know.

There is no difference between them as these cleats are made to give you the best time, steady moves, and perfect fitness. 

So, you can say that you can use football cleats as lacrosse cleats or vice versa. This will give you the same results in a different way you will like the most.

How to choose cleats for Lacrosse?

Want to choose the perfect lacrosse cleats and don't know what to choose and how to choose? Don't worry, as I am here, and in this article, I will share tips and guide you on how you can choose a perfect cleat for your professional life.

kids playing lacrosse


Whether you are playing Lacrosse or football, breathable shoes are one thing you need to see in the cleat. If you have such a shoe that is too tight and you feel aches in your feet, you will face many issues in the game and outside the field.

That's why your cleat must have a proper airflow to help you provide a better breathing system when you play Lacrosse. Also, make sure you choose such loafer socks that can absorb sweat properly and run with the full speed and energy you had before you started playing Lacrosse.

A perfect airflow doesn't mean you forget about the quality of the cleat. Don't think that an ideal airflow means you need to get a low-quality cleat in which the airflow feature can provide better results than ever.

You need to notice the quality of the cleat, such as a perfect soul, a robust inner design, and a professional, beautiful look, matters a lot. These things are beneficial if you want a complete comparison of Lacrosse and football cleats in 2023.

great lacrosse player shot


The number of studs is the second thing you need to notice about the cleats, whether for Lacrosse or football. This is where you can stand against all those who want to sell their cleats for cheap with the worst quality.

Generally, a lacrosse cleat has more studs than football studs in quantity. They provide a better grip on the ground, whether muddy or watery. But that doesn't mean football cleats can't be an excellent option for playing Lacrosse. 

This is just an estimation that many professional players want to play Lacrosse with lacrosse cleats for specific reasons. And when I asked them why so, the answer was almost the same for everyone; personal opinion and inner satisfaction.

Studs also provide ankle support in some high top lacrosse shoes. But mid cuts shoes like baseball cleats are not a good option in lacrosse.

before lacrosse match starting

High tops mid shoes can be a good choice in lacrosse because of their nature of design & comfort.

Leather or synthetic uppers can be a good option but on the national level only. The international status of games required a more professional tone.

Ankle: Height & quality matter

What if I tell you to choose a cleat with a lousy ankle height that can hurt your ankle in the end. Would you like to choose such cleats? I don't think so. The best ankle height is the success in getting the best quality cleats because you will need to run a lot during the game, and this ankle height can help you a lot to win big.

Always choose such cleats where the ankle height is evident to your ankle, and you can sprint for so long. Don't go with the design only; that's nothing without the peace and durability of a shoe. 

The mid and low-cut cleats are more common, and players mostly get such cleats where you can easily handle the foot stress without knowing anybody.

a professional lacrosse player picture

For the football cleats, there is no such requirement as there is a game of foot, so you don't need to worry much about the ankle things as much. But for Lacrosse, you should focus on this in the first attempt because they can provide you more than you think.

Outsole Quality:

It's not about the inner side of the cleat; you have to focus on the outsole quality. Without this, you might not get what you want. That's where many professional cleats owner can win from you based on their cleat's quality of sole. 

A sole must be of complex material and soft in nature. That's what I can say about the best outsole definition. You will need something that can bring rest to your whole feet and provide complete peace during the match.

Also, the cleat should absorb the shock and provide comfort even in muddy and wet areas. 

Know your feet angle:

This can be really hurtful for you if you don't know your feet' angle and which cleat can fit you. That's where you can find yourself helpless. Before getting any cleat, make sure you understand the kind of feet you have, the best angle position, and what material you like the most. That's where you can get the perfect type of lacrosse cleats. 

You can also get help from your football friend if he knows about lacrosse cleats vs. football cleats because there is not much difference between these two. 

Visit the local market:

Not everything you can get from online resources. For a better and more powerful grip on the selection of cleats, you need to visit the local market in your area and visit different stores to explore more cleats that can match your interest and needs. I always give this tip to every friend who wants to grab some fantastic stuff, whether it is lacrosse cleats or any other gadget.

a lacrosse helmet

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Why only Lacrosse cleats, not football cleats?

I am afraid to tell you that I don't want to wear football cleats for lacrosse matches. The reason is that lacrosse cleats are made for speed and traction, which can't be done perfectly with football cleats. 

So, if you want to build a professional career in this game, make sure you have everything that is for Lacrosse, not for the Lacrosse.

Soccer Cleats Vs Football Cleats for Lacrosse – What to choose

Same answer as I told you before. There is nothing that can beat a lacrosse cleat in a lacrosse match. That's why go for the lacrosse cleats rather than any other shoes or local quality cleats for soccer. 

Conclusion: Lacrosse Cleats Vs Football Cleats

So, I hope you may know all about lacrosse cleats vs football cleats after reading this guide. If you have any questions, let me know in the comment box, and I will help you with your query.

Make sure you bookmark this page for later reading. I will see you in the following article with something unique and new. Till then wish you all the best wishes on your cleat selection. Happy Lacrosse!

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