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Lacrosse Cleats VS Soccer Cleats 2023 – All are not the same

Do you want to know all about lacrosse cleats vs soccer cleats today? If you want to know all about lacrosse cleats vs soccer cleats, then you're on the right page.

Did you know that the type of cleats you wear can dramatically affect your game? Lacrosse cleats vs. Soccer cleats; which one is better? Soccer and lacrosse cleats are pretty different, but you wouldn't know it by looking at them. 

lacrosse players practicing match

The debate about lacrosse cleats vs soccer cleats is very old, but still, people ask about this who are more concerned about the shoe quality.

Soccer cleats are designed for lateral movement and stopping quickly, while lacrosse cleats are perfect for cutting and dodging. Cleats are a necessary part of any sport, whether soccer, lacrosse, or football. However, choosing the right pair for the activity, you are participating in is essential. 

Take a cup of coffee and lie on your couch. And continue reading as we will look at the differences between lacrosse and soccer cleats and help you pick the right pair. I like lacrosse cleats whenever there is a talk about lacrosse cleats vs soccer cleats.

Soccer Vs. Lacrosse Cleats: What's The Main Difference?

Soccer and lacrosse cleats are both designed for sports that involve a lot of running, stopping, and starting. Both cleats have studs on the bottom that help players maintain traction on the playing.

The main difference between soccer and lacrosse cleats is the type of surface they are designed for and the ankle support they provide.

Lacrosse cleats have smaller studs on the bottom, which makes them ideal for playing on grass or turf surfaces. Soccer cleats have more oversized studs, providing better traction when playing on concrete or asphalt surfaces.

On the other hand, soccer cleats have low-cut ankles that offer little support, while lacrosse cleats have high-cut ankles that provide more support. 

Although you can wear soccer cleats for lacrosse and basketball, wearing lacrosse or basketball shoes for soccer is unsafe. In contrast, you can wear lacrosse cleats while playing basketball, but it's not suitable for soccer.

lacrosse players running during playing

Which One Is Better? A Closer Look

Both cleats have unique features that make them better suited for their respective sports, so it depends on what you need them for as to which one is better. To find out which will work best for you, we have created this lacrosse cleats vs. soccer cleats brief comparison table:

Soccer cleatsYou can wear Soccer cleats for lacrosse as well as basketball.Unfortunately, soccer cleats do not provide any ankle support to the players.
Lacrosse cleatsLacrosse cleats provide great ankle support to the players, which keeps them safe from injuries.Lacrosse cleats are specifically designed for Lacrosse. You can not wear it while playing soccer.

What are Soccer Cleats?

Soccer cleats are the perfect blend of class and versatility. There is no doubt that soccer cleats are essential while playing soccer. The cleats give confidence and safety to the players. It also provides good grip and traction on the playing field. 

However, soccer used to love its barefoot players, but as time went by and the game became more modernized, a type of shoe designed for playing soccer became a norm. There are different types of soccer cleats available in the market.

Firm ground cleats: These are the most common type of soccer cleats. They have rubber or plastic studs for use on natural grass surfaces.

Soft ground cleats: These have longer studs and are designed for use on wet or smooth natural grass surfaces.

Artificial ground cleats: These have shorter studs designed for artificial turf surfaces.

Hard ground cleats are usually preferred during summer as they provide a good grip on dry surfaces.

Multi-ground cleats: These can be used on surfaces like natural grass, artificial turf, or hard ground.

There are many best soccer cleats available on the market from different brands. It can be daunting to choose the best one for yourself.

lacrosse players snatching the ball

However, some factors that you should consider while buying the best soccer cleats are:

  • The material of the upper part of the shoe
  • The type of closure system
  • The insole
  • The outsole
  • The studs

What are Lacrosse Cleats?

When we talk about lacrosse vs. soccer cleats, lacrosse cleats are a type of footwear specifically designed for playing lacrosse. They typically have metal or hard plastic spikes on the bottom, which provide traction and stability when running and making sharp cuts on the field. Lacrosse cleats also have additional padding and support around the ankle to help protect against injuries.

They are more durable than regular sneakers and provide better support for the ankles and feet. Lacrosse is a very physically demanding sport, so it's essential to have the proper footwear to protect your feet and help you perform your best.

In short, from the lacrosse cleats vs soccer cleats; lacrosse shoes are durable and long-lasting stuff & they have different styles and designs.

Similarities Between Soccer And Lacrosse Cleats

Regarding soccer vs. lacrosse cleats, it's better to know the similarities too. Once you know both similarities, it will be easier for you to differentiate them. Remember that football cleats and lacrosse shoes are almost the same by look, but it's not.

A good pair of cleats can be determined by the look and playing style & one should learn all about this thing.

lacrosse player taking a rest

Let's get started:


Both soccer and lacrosse cleats have spikes on the bottom. They both help players with traction on the field.


You will need to wear thick socks with both soccer and lacrosse cleats. The spikes can be uncomfortable and cause blisters if you don't wear socks.

Break-in period

Soccer and lacrosse cleats both require a break-in period. You need to wear them around for a while before they are comfortable. 

Key Differences Between Soccer And Lacrosse Cleats

  1. Lacrosse cleats provide excellent ankle support and help the players make sharp turns. On the other hand, soccer cleats are designed to offer more flexibility to the player's feet.
  2. Soccer cleats usually have fewer studs than lacrosse cleats. In the heel area, both soccer and lacrosse cleats have four studs and six to eight studs in the forefoot area. Lacrosse cleats have more studs in the toe area, whereas Soccer cleats don't have any in the toe area.
  3. Lacrosse cleats are made of heavier and sturdier materials with a high-cut design than soccer cleats. This is because lacrosse is more physical and requires players to make sudden stops and turns. In contrast, soccer cleats are lightweight with a low-cut design to allow better movement of the feet.
  4. Soccer cleats are gender specific, which means they are designed for male soccer players. On the other hand, lacrosse cleats are unisex and can be used by both male and female lacrosse players.
  5. Soccer cleats are made of synthetic material that is softer and more comfortable for the foot, while lacrosse cleats are made up of polyurethane, carbon fiber, and leather. 
  6. Soccer shoe is cheap in price & quality depending on the usage & cost of the cleat.

My Thoughts on lacrosse cleats vs soccer cleats:

It's a very old fight between lacrosse cleats vs soccer cleats, and one who is looking for the right answer should read this guide I wrote for you. I hope you have every single answer about the lacrosse cleats vs soccer cleats 2023. Let me know if any question is teasing you.

lacrosse player trying to safe goal

Last Verdict

Lacrosse cleats vs. soccer cleats is a difficult comparison. There are some key differences that you need to be aware of. Soccer cleats are generally lighter and have less padding than lacrosse cleats. They also have a stud configuration that provides better traction on firm, natural surfaces. 

In between lacrosse cleats vs soccer cleats, lacrosse cleats are much expensive but also they provide the best results. While soccer cleats can be least expensive but they need to upgrade from time to time. That's why I can say whenever I have to choose something like “lacrosse cleats vs soccer cleats”. I will go for the Lacrosse shoes or cleats. Let me know what will you choose from lacrosse cleats vs soccer cleats?

Lacrosse cleats, on the other hand, are heavier and have more padding. They also have more spikes, providing better traction on softer, artificial surfaces. Is there anything you want to ask about lacrosse cleats vs soccer cleats? Let me know in the comment section below.

Both shoes have pros and cons, depending on what you're looking for in a shoe. If you want a shoe that will provide better ankle support, lacrosse cleats are the way to go. However, if you're looking for a lighter shoe with more flexibility, soccer cleats are the better option.

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