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Crazy Lacrosse Goalie Chest Protector Rule 2023

Do you want to know about lacrosse goalie chest protector? Chest protectors are designed to lessen the impact of a striking object on a person wearing the protective gear by absorbing and distributing the force, such as a normal lacrosse shot. 

In this regard, lacrosse goalie chest protectors can significantly lower the risk of traumatic structural damage to the chest, such as rib fractures. 

lacrosse players play with honor

A good lacrosse goalie chest protector has a densely padded surface that is sturdy and offers adequate protection without adding weight that can restrict movement.

Lacrosse goalie chest protector rule change for 2023

US Lacrosse has enacted a new safety regulation that took effect at the beginning of 2023. It mandates that all youth lacrosse players wear goalie or shoulder pads that adhere to NOCSAE safety standard ND200. 

They are newly designed shoulder pads with more padding called ND200. This Lacrosse goalie chest protector merely measures protection to lower impact pressures that increase the danger of commotion cordis, a heart rhythm disruption caused by a blow to the chest, i.e., a shot; it causes the heart to stop beating, which then results in sudden cardiac death if not immediately treated with AED device.

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Products that correspond to ND200 have been approved by the Safety Equipment Institute and need the NOCSAE Lacrosse label on the tag. Any Lacrosse goalie chest protector you wish to buy should have this label on the packaging.

Best lacrosse goalie chest protectors

To provide you with the best options that meet the NOSCAE ND200 standard, we researched the lacrosse goalie chest protector sector.

4 Best Lacrosse goalie chest protectors:

1. STX Shield 600 chest protector

2. Maverik Max EKG goalie chest pad

3. Warrior Nemesis Pro 19 chest pad

4. Maverik MX EKG goalie chest pad (youth)

lacrosse player in a game

STX shield 600 chest protector

You may have confidence in your protection with the ND200-compliant STX Shield 600 by placing more than just your trust in the manufacturer's brand name. 

A large floating chest armor protects your vital organs without obstructing your ability to move when you need to on the field. Soft stretch points around the sides provide your arms complete range of motion for that rapid high-to-low save and alleviate any concerns about leaving the crease to clear obstacles. 

Here, personalization is granted by the adjustable straps that let you modify the fit to your comfort. Depending on personal desire, a third removable stomach pad extends the coverage area.

kids playing lacrosse

Maverik max EKG goalie chest pad

With a focus on position-specific goods like gloves and now chest protectors with the Max EKG, Maverik has found its place in the goalie market. 

The Max EKG uses padding bearing its name to strengthen chest coverage by the ND200 2023 criteria. Users praise the upper half's impenetrable coverage for catching those errant high shots. The innovative design, specifically the padding's rounded teardrop form, allows maximum range on the bottom while allowing your arms to move freely. It also targets particular crucial places in the top half. 

It is a single piece of relatively stiff product. If you move quickly upward, this can be a concern because the pad will frequently hit your helmet in certain situations.

great lacrosse player shot

Warrior nemesis pro 19 chest pad

Equipped with the Nemesis Pro 19 chest pad, Warrior enters the fray. The iconic Impax foam technology from Warrior is used in this shield to disperse the force of shots and reduce damage. 

The three-piece design of this protection is unquestionably its best feature. You may adjust the fit and choose whether to favor mobility or safety with the removable parts along the sides and bottom. 

The protector's coverage region is where the rub occurs. The protector is a bit short for goalies with longer torsos, even with the additional padding zones. Goalies with wider shoulders may be exposed due to the slight lack of outer chest coverage. There can also be a break-in at times.

Maverik MX EKG goalie chest pad (youth)

A more simplified version of Maverik's Max, the MX EKG chest protector is made primarily for younger, intermediate gamers who don't need the bulky protection required for more difficult game levels. 

The MX EKG, like the Max, stresses mobility with its teardrop shape and uses the same comfortable padding that offers elite protection at an affordable price. Unfortunately, similar to the Max, there are issues with the MX's firmness as a piece that could allow it to move in ways that might interfere with or detract from your play. 

Furthermore, while the bottom half offers a greater cover area, it might use more cushioning. Overall, any younger goalies should think about purchasing this goalie chest protector, as it is both best in quality and good for one's pocket.

before lacrosse match starting

Lacrosse goalie chest protector buying guide

In addition to our list of the top chest protectors available, we also wanted to give you the information you need to choose a chest pad. 

Here are some factors to consider while selecting a lacrosse chest protector.


The most crucial consideration when selecting a product is a chest protector. Padding and coverage are the two components of protection that should be considered.

Comfort and flexibility

One more crucial factor to consider during the selection process is comfort and the flexibility a pad provides. While you need to feel safe, it is only useful if you can make the motions. 

a professional lacrosse player picture

Many pads come with adjustable straps at the shoulder, rib, waist, and back fit points so you can change the fit to your liking. This generation of chest protectors can now be customized to your preferences for play and include due to the additional removable components.


We constantly search for products of the greatest quality we can find—things that will last us season after season. 

The durability of straps, the components that link them, and the reliance on removable pieces are two factors to consider. 

When it comes to breakage, these items have the propensity to be the most fragile. Thus any concerns about their quality should lead you to wonder about their durability.


Throughout a game, you need a chest protector that won't absorb sweat or outside moisture. The last thing a goalie wants to do is spend four quarters lugging about a twenty-pound sponge. 

Some pads will mention that their product has moisture-wicking technology incorporated. This is unquestionably a feature to search for in a listing.

a lacrosse helmet


Each goalie chest pad must be SEI approved to guarantee the goalie has the extra heart protection necessary to help prevent the rare but serious risk of being struck in the chest at the wrong time and experiencing a heart attack. 

As a result, selecting a lacrosse goalie chest protector from our list of suggestions will help you save time and give you the greatest lacrosse goalie chest protector.

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