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Tips & Tricks

The Best Lacrosse Shot Technique of 2023

Looking for the best lacrosse shot technique in 2023? In this article, I will guide you all about the best lacrosse shot technique, which you can apply to become a better lacrosse career. Aggression, agility, and a good grasp of the finest techniques… Nail that, and you've got a spot in the big leagues. It's time to unravel the secrets of the game. Let's talk about the lacrosse shot technique.

a lacrosse helmet

So keep scrolling to learn the Best Lacrosse Shot Technique that will lift your game from rookie to a rising star. The way I will guide you about lacrosse shot technique will help you to understand just like a kid's talk.

But first, Tell Me… What was it that drew your attention to the game of lacrosse?

Was it the constant uproar of frantic movements or the exhilarating whoosh of that perfect shot? Magical, Right? 

Surely, it is a joy to see the game of lacrosse grow consistently over the years, evolving into a popular sport featuring creative and intriguing lacrosse shooting techniques that leave one in awe.

A magnificent combination of teamwork, clever cuts, and crafty tackling all climaxes into those glorious shots that win matches and glory for the players.

We all know shooting is a major part of the game, no matter what position you're playing in, but the midfielders and attackers grab all the attention with their calculated, spectacular shots.

a best lacrosse man

They are the champions, the legends. The ones awed and adored for their careful maneuvering, tactical play, and agile movements as they shimmy their way around opposite players, dismantling their defense to score.

How do you think they do it?

Is it their physical strength or the accuracy of their throw?

As head coach of a major league and a seasoned player, I can help you find the answer to this riddle and unravel the mysteries of how to shoot in lacrosse.

Ready for the best lacrosse shot technique?

Let's begin with a little background…

When I appeared for school trials, I was confident that I would make the team because my strong arms would easily carry shots miles away.

Well, I was right about one thing… The shot did carry miles away … miles away from the ground we were actually playing in.

It was such an embarrassment hearing muffled giggling and reading that weird expression on the coach's face.

I realized that sheer strength meant nothing if I couldn't guide my arm to target the goal… This is a mistake many rookies tend to make.

two lacrosse kids playing lacrosse

Thankfully, the coach took me under his wing and taught me to tame my strength and direct my attack. Years later, I continued working as an assistant coach and later head coach, making game plans and analyzing performances.

I compiled a list of lacrosse shot tips to help players improve their game and make winning shots.

So get ready to become wiser and better at lacrosse shooting techniques.  

Memorize these effective tips to shoot better and build your game.

1.   Force and Focus – a Team Effort

Take it from me; smacking the ball like a lunatic won't do you good unless that shot is well-planned, directed, and released to make the goal. Rather than practicing to shoot hard, choose a technique and practice maneuvering till you have mastered it.

The intensity of your shot comes second and should in no way affect the accuracy you're aiming for.

2.   Train Smarter Not Harder

Well, isn't that a general rule for life?

But learning to shoot in lacrosse has more to do with technique than power. Your physical form must correlate with your style, and hand in hand, you're sure to strike a balance. Practicing a few different levels of shooting can aid your efforts to keep your opponent guessing your next move.

Lacrosse Bounce Shots are the most effective technical shots you can practice to confuse the goalie and make every shot count.

running shot of lacrosse

3.   The Practice Wall

Become besties with your neighborhood wall because there is no better way to practice accuracy than against a tough exterior, able to withstand your powerful strokes. Moreover, once the ball bounces back, it'll allow you to calculate its return and prepare you for your next strike.

Believe me; there is no better way to practice your form than against the trusty wall. It'll not only help you polish your game but also assist you in mapping out your next move. 

4.   Keep them Guessing

In sports, if you're predictable, it simply means that you're an easy target and the other team knows you too well to tackle your moves. That's not good at all.

Once you begin practicing, never settle for one style or one technique. That is surely an insult to your talent. Only spend your energy practicing the same routine once you're sitting on the bench, watching from the sidelines as someone new and challenging takes your spot on the team.

Try sidearm, backhand, and the classic overhand, a winning lacrosse technique.

Never shy away from learning new routines, scribbling tricky game formations, practicing time and room shots, or smacking some on the run. Go high, Go low. You must keep the opposition on their toes, scratching their heads, expecting the unexpected. Challenge them, challenge yourself and become the stuff legends are made of.

running lacrosse player

5.   Practice in Pairs  

Practice, practice, practice.

Get creative. I have seen many kids standing alone in a field, drafting game plans, and practicing drills until they perfect their routines.

Surely, drills are the way to go. But it's always best to partner up to refine your lacrosse shooting form. Pair up to predict reactions and counter-offensive strikes, and improve your tackling strategies.

Be Wise, and practice lacrosse shooting techniques with a friend, a parent, or your coach to understand how they would play out before the big game.

There is always space for improvement, and I hope this article helps you bring variation in your lacrosse shot technique and boost your game.

You must always strive for one form of play and use your agility and strength to practice target shots. Only some balls need to be hit out of the park. This isn't baseball, people. Practice and Perfect your game to make every shot count. So, what have you learned till now about the lacrosse shot technique? Tell me in the comment below.

one lacrosse player is down during match

My Advice:

If you want to look for the best lacrosse shot technique to help you build a successful career, then don't do it alone. Let's have a mentor who can guide you through basics, pros, and lacrosse shot technique which would benefit you until the end.

The best and secret lacrosse shot technique is not suitable for you alone. So, it would be best if you learned all about lacrosse because a professional player doesn't only work for the lacrosse shot technique. They dream of being successful in a better & real way.


So champ, let me tell you that I am done with today's topic about the “lacrosse shot technique.” I hope you may know all about the secret and lacrosse shot technique I discussed here. If you still have any questions do let me know so I can help you in a proper way.

Also, save this page by bookmarking it because you will need it later when you start practicing. See you in the next article with something unique and helpful for you. See you & happy playing lacrosse. Cheers!

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