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Parts of Lacrosse Stick – The Ultimate Guide 2023

If you are familiar with the lacrosse game, you probably don't know about the parts of lacrosse stick. In this article, I will break down all parts of lacrosse stick that you need to know before deep down the process of choosing any lacrosse stick. Stay in touch with me, and I will share some secrets about lacrosse sticks if you are new to this game.

parts of lacrosse stick explained
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Lacrosse Stick Parts

When lacrosse player looks at other players' stick, they don't look at their stick. They look at their souls because, for players, the best part is a stick that helps them play big matches. 

That's why they love their stick more than anything in the game. Also, they take care of their stick in different ways, such as taking care of the stick with the help of mesh and velvet cloth in which they put their stick when they are not playing.

I am writing this article to discuss the different parts of a lacrosse stick. So, are you ready to learn about what are the parts of a lacrosse stick or not? Let's start without any further delay. 

The Lacrosse Head:

The very first and close part of a lacrosse stick is the head. Every lacrosse stick starts with the lacrosse head; you need to know about the first part for now. The head attaches to the shaft because it is part of the whole stick.

There are many variations & designs of a lacrosse head. But almost every head is the same in terms of look. Because the lacrosse ball is the same in size and sometimes in weight too. 

There are tons of lacrosse heads, and I can name them all, but a few are very close to my heart. STX Surgeon 900 & STX Stallion 900 are two of the best heads for any lacrosse I have ever seen in my entire life. They both have the functionality to move like a slide and perform the best part during the game. 

a best lacrosse man

Also, these heads provide the long lifeline of the head. You don't need to buy the heads or stick them repeatedly. 

The head part of the lacrosse stick is to provide the framework for the stick. Without the head, getting the best practice with your stick would not be possible as it gives the stick complete support that helps the player to play lacrosse matches for so long. 

That's why it is recommended that you choose the lacrosse head carefully and don't run for the cheap one because you don't know how bad they can be. Bad Lacrosse will affect your game and waste money getting different heads for the lacrosse sticks. 

So, always make sure you choose such heads for your lacrosse stick that can help you to play better matches in the long run and provides a complete roadmap to success in this sport.

You might be wondering why the shape of the lacrosse stick head is not a circle. I can tell you that. It is because the head is designed so that it can perform multiple functionalities for a better game.

two lacrosse kids playing lacrosse

It is designed to help you hold the ball, run during the match, and fight for, not giving up on the ball you are holding in the lacrosse head. That's why it looks like a different design, but that's not the case. 

Lacrosse Head Sidewall:

The sidewall of a lacrosse head plays an essential role in the whole stick design, like a backbone of a human body. If this is not made with pure material and design, then you can't beat anyone, even if you have many talents.

That's why the sidewall must be of excellent quality, and you should know all about it because it's you who is looking for the best lacrosse stick. Choosing the best parts of a lacrosse stick is also essential without making any preliminary decision.

The Ball Stop:

The ball stop is the last part inside the head of a lacrosse stick. It plays an essential role in holding and catching the ball. There is no such work as this ball stop, but if your ball stop is not working well, you may lack quality work, and that's not a good thing for any lacrosse player. 

The Lacrosse Pocket:

How can I forget about the lacrosse pocket when talking about the best parts of a stick? Absolutely I can't. The pocket contains a net covered with so many strong threads, making a complete pocket that can catch a lacrosse ball without noticing the speed of the ball from another player. 

running shot of lacrosse

This is also replaceable but make sure you don't have to because if you are on the way to changing the pocket of the lacrosse stick, then you might miss so many days of training or playing.

That's why always choose a pocket of stick that can help you play better, longer, and without any issues. Thus, you can call yourself a professional player because you don't have to deal with such problems in your play. 

The Lacrosse Shaft:

I bet you will know the long part of a lacrosse stick called once I tell you it's road shaped. The shaft is the long metal road, the more significant and extended part of a lacrosse stick. The players have to hold the stick during play and let the other body of the lacrosse stick play their role in their own way.

You can not touch the head of a lacrosse stick when the ball is in the pocket, and you are moving. It is one of the rules of Lacrosse you should follow. The stick is available in many sizes depending on the player's requirements and height. 

Metal is not the only material that is available for the lacrosse stick. You can check the aluminum, copper, and almost any other material where you are comfortable playing this game. There is no boundary in this, and you don't have to worry about this. 

The average stick length for lacrosse is about 40 to 42 inches. The portion of the head of the shaft is prohibited from touching during the match.

The open end of a lacrosse stick called the “end cap,” but many players call the end of the lacrosse stick “bottom” because it is easy to pronounce.

Also, the top of the shaft is called head because it is easy to say head rather than top of the shaft or pocket of the shaft.

running lacrosse player

The Lacrosse Mesh:

Do you know what the net part of a Lacrosse stick is called? It's a mesh. A mesh is the part of the back side of the pocket covered with a net. It provides the functionality of a “bag” during play and is responsible for the catch of the lacrosse ball all the time. It must be of good quality; otherwise, your mess can be destroyed, and you might need severe issues during the game. 

So, before taking part in the buying process, ensure the pocket quality is good and check the durability of the pocket. Because some hard stuff can also be destroyed, you need a stable type of pocket that can help you go with it for a long time.

These are some of the ordinary but essential parts of the lacrosse stick. I hope you may know now all about the different parts of the lacrosse stick. But maybe you are looking for all the names of lacrosse sticks that are important too. So, let me name them all for you so you can learn every small part of the lacrosse stick.

  1. End Cap
  2. Channel
  3. Shooting Strings
  4. Bottom Strings
  5. Throat
one lacrosse player is down during match

If you are a woman, then note that parts of a women's lacrosse stick are the same as men's stick's parts. 

There is no difference at all. So, don't be confused about this. I only name the parts of a lacrosse stick that are important for you to know. Make sure you read this guide twice before you choose anything. 

And I can guarantee you that you know all about the lacrosse stick part and can tell anyone what the features of a lacrosse stick are essential for them to are. Am I right? Please let me know if you need anything related to today's topic.

The Importance of Knowing About Parts of Lacrosse Sticks

If you want to become a professional sportsman and pursue your career in any sport, just like Lacrosse, you need to start thinking big. Also, you need to know everything about the sports you are in. 

It will provide a better life ahead, and you will be loved to see the end results. You must know about the lacrosse stick's parts from start to end. I have named all of them, so if you forgot them, you could check them out in this guide.

lacrosse team warm up

Final Words:

So, I have compiled this guide with all the lacrosse stick parts, and you now know all about Lacrosse. Also, you can tell anyone the three main features of the lacrosse stick I discussed in this guide. 

Read and implement this guide if your goal is to become a defensive player in lacrosse. Also, you can share this guide with needy offensive players looking for such tips and tricks. If you have any issues or any queries regarding today's topic, then you can comment below, and I will be there to help you in this regard without wasting much time. I will see you soon with something new and unique very quickly. Cheers!

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