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Why lacrosse is better than Baseball? Frat Debate 2023

Are you here to know why lacrosse is better than Baseball? There are many different sports, and to do well at each one, you need other skills and techniques. One is only played locally, but because it is so prevalent in the United States, millions worldwide watch and follow it, which is why lacrosse is better than Baseball. The other is a fun thing that only the rich and powerful do.

two lacrosse kids playing lacrosse

Lacrosse vs baseball

Lacrosse is a sport that requires speed and agility and can sometimes be dangerous, which is usually not done as a job but as a hobby and has a group of dedicated followers growing quickly. I have a quick question, why you want to know “why lacrosse is better than Baseball”? Answer honestly.

Baseball is a show based on a deeply rooted strategy in American culture and its fans' hearts. Millions go to events in person or watch them on TV every year. 

Even though they seem very different, both sports require the same eye-hand coordination that baseball fans know so well. This skill is just as important as speed and agility on the lacrosse field. It makes the game much more fun to watch.

How do you think these two games are alike and different?

Some people may be shocked by how silly it is that these two sports are rivals.

Teams: On the lacrosse field, there are ten players: three defenders, three midfielders, three attackers, and one goalie.

Baseball has nine players on the field at any given time: the catcher, the pitcher, the first, second, and third basemen, the shortstop, and the left, center, and right fielders.

How long will it take

A lacrosse game has four 20-minute halves. A typical baseball game has nine innings, and each team bats once every nine. The whole game takes about nine hours.

People who get penalties in lacrosse, like grabbing a player's jersey or playing on the wrong field, are taken out of the game and sent to the penalty box.

When you get three strikes, your turn at bat is over. When a batter swings at a pitched ball and misses, it is called a strike.

running shot of lacrosse

The formula for calculating scores

In lacrosse, players score by flicking the ball into the goal with their sticks. Some leagues give two points for long-range plans, while others only offer one point.

A batter has to hit the ball into a specific part of the field and then run around all four bases before the other team steams fielders can get the ball and throw it to the base the hitter is trying to reach.

You can get long or short lacrosse sticks. Both players have nets on their bars to catch the flying ball. The size 8 soccer ball is made of solid rubber and has a diameter of 8 inches. Because of this, helmets are required, and mouth guards, arm pads, gloves, and shoulder protectors are highly recommended.

These baseball bats are made out of aluminum, wood, and metal. The white ball, stitched in red, is about 3 inches in diameter.

A better game requires eye coordination. It will help if you are good in catches the ball for more scores quickly. This is because it is a youth sport, and you are young, so play this spring sport with your full heart.


It's not a secret that most lacrosse people come from good financial situations. Because they don't bother to try to find patrons. The average annual salary of a player is between $10,000 and $25,000. It's a lot less than the federal poverty level.

running lacrosse player

On the other hand, Baseball uses its huge number of fans to help the sport's finances. On the other hand, a baseball player can expect to make between $3 million and $4 million per year.

Lacrosse is one of the sports increasing in the U.S., so it is one to keep an eye on. Every year, there are more and more college lacrosse programs.

As the sport gets more and more popular, more and more people are getting into it. One day, it will stop being something that only a few people do and become something everyone wants to do.

Even though it's harder to get into, the game's pace might need to be faster for a new player. On the other hand, the excitement and show could be worth it. And now that it includes money for college and the possibility of a career, it's even more appealing.

In the same way, Baseball is an essential part of American history and culture. In recent years, Baseball's popularity has remained the same, even though lacrosse has quickly become very popular.

The best way to settle this argument is to play Baseball and lacrosse. You might get to know some interesting new people and grow. There is no correct answer when picking a favorite sport to cheer for.

one lacrosse player is down during match

Differences between lacrosse and Baseball 

Before we finish, we'd like to discuss how Baseball and lacrosse are rivals and why the two sports are often compared.

Both athletes don't like each other for different reasons. Their dislike isn't universal, but it is widespread:

  • In both competitions, the same athletes take part.
  • In the spring, teams for Baseball and lacrosse try to find new players.
  • Many of the same athletes participate in both sports because they need the same skills and body.
  • Both sports need to be competitive to get the best athletes, who are rare in any crowd.
  • Baseball players can't play in a game of lacrosse.
  • Since baseball and lacrosse seasons are the same, baseball players never get to try lacrosse. 
  • This makes it hard for baseball players to learn about football, making the rivalry between the two sports worse.
  • They are all trying to access the same few high school facilities and services.
  • All secondary schools have money to pay for athletic programs and sporting events.
  • Since lacrosse and Baseball are played during the same season, they compete for the same limited resources at high schools.
  • Because of this, both open and hidden tension will be between the two games.

Why lacrosse is the best sport? 

Regularly playing lacrosse can significantly improve your strength, speed, and stamina. People who get enough sleep are more active, creative, and resourceful than those who don't. So, that's why lacrosse is better than Baseball.  

Is lacrosse or Baseball harder? 

Compared to lacrosse balls, baseballs are easier. The dense rubber used to make lacrosse balls gives them a rough feel. The cowhide on the outside of baseballs is rugged, like the cowhide on lacrosse balls, but it is a little softer than the cowhide on lacrosse balls. So, still confused why lacrosse is better than Baseball.

lacrosse team warm up

Is lacrosse better than Baseball?

Yes, lacrosse is way better than Baseball. 

Is lacrosse more popular than Baseball? 

A recent study by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), the largest group in charge of college sports, found that men's and women's lacrosse have received more funding than any other sport in the United States over the past 15 years. So, it is popular among the people. 

Why is lacrosse the best sport

Lacrosse players must be quick because they must run all over the field to carry, catch, pass, and shoot the ball. Agility and teamwork are essential in this sport because you must give and dodge accurately and start and stop quickly. In this way, we can explain why lacrosse is better than Baseball. 

Is lacrosse the hardest sport? 

Baseball is the most demanding sport out there. The fact that players have to deal with physical and mental challenges makes professional Baseball so hard.


There are no sports which can be compared to the other one. I know you are looking for the answer about why lacrosse is better than Baseball in 2023. I hope you may know all about lacrosse vs baseball.

If you need anything to ask, I am here. Let's comment below and make sure you bookmark this page for later reading. See you soon. Happy Lacrosse!

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