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Tips & TricksLacrosse Gloves

Best 10 lacrosse gloves for defense in [2023]

Best 10 lacrosse gloves for defense

One of the most essential pieces of gear you may wear on the pitch is a pair of lacrosse gloves. Gloves connect you to your stick, protect the area of your body that is checked the most, and enhance your style. They significantly affect your ability to feel the stick, which has a big impact on how well you perform. The best lacrosse gloves on the market right now are analyzed in this guide, along with some advice on how to choose the ideal pair for you. As was mentioned in the introduction, there are several factors to consider when determining how good a glove is, including protection, mobility, and comfort.

We investigated the lacrosse glove market, as we do with all other lacrosse equipment, to identify the solutions that best balance these elements, taking into account customer evaluations, production specifications, price, brand history, and other considerations. Please take note of our guide to the best goalie lacrosse gloves if you are specifically seeking goalie gloves.

1: STX Surgeon RZR2 glove:

The Surgeon RZR2 glove from STX, the newest entry on our list of the top lacrosse gloves and an improved version of the Surgeon RZR, comes in at number one.

By eliminating the usual bulk of lacrosse gloves in favor of a single, continuous piece design that encourages a lightweight (perhaps the lightest glove on the market) and flexible feel, the Surgeon RZR2 quite literally breaks the mold. The Taper Fit incorporated through the fingers delivers a snug feel without losing breathability when it comes to the connection with your stick.

Additionally, every lacrosse glove I've tried has the nicest feel thanks to the Axe Suede palm. The RZR2 gets extremely near to feeling as fantastic as your bare hands, even if no glove can compare. The Surgeon does not spare on protectiveness in light of all of this. You are better protected against those dreaded slash checks thanks to reinforcement via the thumb and backhand. The Surgeon RZR2's only true drawback, in my opinion, is its relatively exorbitant price; nevertheless, if you can afford it, this all-inclusive bundle and cutting-edge technology are well worth it.


  • ·         greater comfort
  • · Versatile and portable
  • ·         incredibly watchful
  • · Great stick feel


  • ·         Expensive
  • ·         Absence of input regarding enduring quality

2:Maverik M5 glove:

In 2021, the Maverik M5 replaced the M4, one of the most well-liked lacrosse gloves in recent memory.  Many of the fantastic features that so many players admired about the M4 are expanded upon in the M5.  When playing outside during the hottest part of the summer, FLOWCOOL ventilation and the quick-dry liner throughout help to drain away moisture and keep you comfortable.

The soft, comforting feel of the AxSuede palm won't deteriorate over time. Additionally, the mesh palm enables air to enter, keeping your hands dry. The M5 has an adjustable cuff that allows you to regulate the fit, unlike some other alternatives. The M5's tighter fit compared to other gloves is a drawback. I usually wear (and feel comfortable in) a 13-inch glove, but the M5 feels more restrictive.  You'd be better off finding elsewhere if you normally find most 13-inch gloves to be too small or if you use a 14-inch glove.


  • ·         outstanding ventilation
  • ·         pleasant palm
  • ·         adjustable wrist size
  • ·         Low-cost premium gloves


  • ·         Limited long-term reviews due to new gloves
  • ·         A closer fit

3: Warrior QX2 glove:

On our list of the top lacrosse gloves, the most recent glove from one of the most well-known lacrosse manufacturers, Warrior, comes in at number three. The simple, no-frills Evo QX2 gloves offer a fantastic feel and excellent protection.

By adding the Axe Suede liner (the same as the STX Surgeon RZR2), which offers an unequaled stick feel, the Evo QX2 builds on the original Evo QX glove.  With the new Cloud Cuff, you can inspect, dodge, or shoot with incredible wrist mobility. The glove is kept lightweight without losing protection thanks to the placement of high-density foam in strategic impact zones.

The Wartech Liner will wick away moisture buildup to keep you dry if you have sweaty palms when you play. The only major criticisms of the Evo QX2 are unrelated to the functioning of the gloves, and given how recently these gloves were produced, there is a surprising paucity of user feedback.

Additionally, there is a clear lack of customization with these bad boys if you prefer to take the field in a particular color scheme or design. Overall, the Evo QX2 is the ideal glove for you if you're a player who appreciates a glove that protects you, performs well, and isn't overly flashy.


  • ·         Palm suede axe
  • ·         superior wrist mobility
  • · Additional defense in areas of vulnerability


  • ·         No customer testimonials
  • ·         The limited palette of colors

4:Maverik MAX glove:

Maximum protection is exactly what you receive with Maverik's most recent glove, which has a Max symbol for that purpose. The Maverik Max Gloves' most recent iteration is the greatest. The additional divots that increase flexibility in the knuckles of the new model make them different from the old model. Your thumb and rear hand are provided with unparalleled protection by triple-density foam combined with SharkGel inserts at high-impact locations.

The DuraStretch design allows the glove flexibility through the fingers even with the additional padding. The Magnetic Cuff is a standout feature since it enables personalization of your player concentration. Depending on your preferences, you can change how protectiveness and mobility fit together. The most recent Max gloves are far superior to the older ones, which had some concerns with durability and feel. Particularly, the Axe Suede lining gives the stick a sensation that is almost similar to using it barehanded. For players looking for maximum protection with a nice feel, the Maverik Max Gloves are a terrific choice.


  • ·         superior defense
  • · Removal of velcro components
  • ·         Adjustability of the wrist cuff
  • ·         emphasize protecting against moisture and cooling


  • ·         concerns with durability
  • ·         A bad stick connection
  • ·         Size concerns (run little)

5:Epoch Integra Elite glove:

When it comes to gear, Epoch may come across as more of an independent firm, but when it comes to Integra Elite gloves, they punch much above their weight class. When direct consumer feedback was taken into account, the Integra Elites scored strongly across the board, with extra points for comfort and versatility. The glove has a very organic, muted feel because of the use of Ariaprene, which works well with the glove's composite and foam design to offer it tremendous movement.

The Player Core Control, which is a feature of Epoch padding, also appears here to support moisture and odor prevention. The latter feature is particularly important because the odor is the smell's worst enemy when it comes to gloves. Another glove where it took some creative thinking to identify a drawback; here, the muted color options are the most obvious fault.

There is considerable space for improvement in the stick feel because the glove also uses a suede palm, but they have removed all stitching and seams to increase connectivity. In the end, the Integra Elite is a terrific glove if you're searching for value because it offers top-notch protection and has a more moderate price point.


  • ·         natural, light feeling
  • ·         superior flexibility
  • ·         protection from odor


  • ·         alternatives for a muted color
  • ·         classic suede palm

6:Epoch integra LE lacrosse glove:

The Integra LE gloves from Epoch are the best lacrosse gloves for attackers because they include one-piece palms and two-layer dual-density foam. The expanded cuff of the gloves gives an attacker more wrist protection and a better range of motion. These gloves efficiently protect against impact and stick checks thanks to their thick polyethylene covering at the top.

According to feedback from attackers, they also feel and look amazing overall. Additionally, there are the customary finger gussets that many players anticipate from Epoch. A good selection of sizes is available for these gloves. The Axe Suede in the palm region is noteworthy for keeping hands dry while playing.


  • ·         Excellent and comfortable
  • ·         Suggest, an excellent deal


  • ·         Expensive
  • ·         Slender wrists have little support
  • ·         Too large a Velcro wrist attachment

7:Brine King Superlight 2 lacrosse glove:

The Brine King Superlight 2 is the best lacrosse glove for playing defense because it has a floating cuff that offers even better protection around the wrist area.  According to assessments, the Superlight 2s are incredibly light and easy to wear while providing excellent mobility and protection.  We appreciate the way the Nash palm is textured because it improves stick feel and confidence

 when playing defensively and winning faceoffs in close quarters. Additionally, the students maintain a consistent temperature in their hands throughout intense gaming sessions. Many players find the pivoting wrist cuffs to be a useful feature whether playing catch, field play, or even combined shooting and cradling. One high school lacrosse player claimed that these gloves, which provided reliable protection and an excellent fit, lasted throughout his entire career.


  • ·         Bicycle polo does double duty
  • ·         Excellent gloves at a good price.
  • ·         provides complete hand protection.


  • ·         Smaller than expected; lining bunches up somewhat; may provide better protection between finger cushions

8: Warrior Burn Lacrosse glove:

The midfielder is the most adaptable position in lacrosse, performing a variety of tasks including offense, defense, and more. We like Warrior Burn lacrosse gloves for middies as a result.  Burn gloves are more streamlined and less substantial than other gloves while still providing the same level of protection thanks to their TotalFLX+ cuff, Impax LT compression molded foam backhand, and AXE suede, moisture-wicking palm.

Calls for commentary from lacrosse players Warrior In comparison to other glove makers, Burn makes excellent gloves with exceptional palms. Even though they aren't the greatest for hands that are particularly wide, middle and faceoff specialists particularly enjoy them.  We discovered that they are flexible, have outstanding wrist and hand range of motion, and are simple to put on and take off.


  • · Cools the hands
  • ·         A few distinct colors
  • ·         Excellent for both quality and value


  • ·         smaller Snugger than most, run
  • ·         A little better for thin hands.

9: STX Lacrosse Goalie glove:

The Shield goalie gloves from STX are the greatest lacrosse gloves for goalies, to sum up. These gloves have a fixed thumb guard made of a reinforced rear hand and single-piece Nash palm, with more protection added where goalies need it most.

According to evaluations, these excellent gloves fit well and have strong thumb protection, making them ideal for goalies. Goalies' wrist range of motion is improved by the shorter cuff length of these.  We also discovered that a player's other four fingers stay flexible while wearing the gloves, enabling fast modifications to hand position.


  • fantastic fit and finish
  • A good thumb guard
  • When wearing these, feel secure.


  • fewer color options
  • Quite expensive for new players
  • only applies to goalie positions

10: Maverik M4 Lacrosse glove:

You probably already know how crucial faceoffs are if you play lacrosse. However, if you're unfamiliar with the game, faceoffs, which resemble jump balls in basketball, take place before or after points are scored. In these tight quarters, LAX sticks fly, posing a risk of hand, finger, knuckle, and wrist injuries to players.

Our analysis indicates that the Maverik M4 gloves are the best at faceoffs. These gloves are well-ventilated with more padding in the fingers and the back of the hand — exactly where a faceoff specialist needs it most — and feature 37.5 Technology Liner, axe suede palms, and SHARKGEL cushioning.

But don't just believe what we say. These gloves are outstanding, with exceptional quality and a perfect fit, say faceoff experts. According to one article, a must.


  • Optimal ventilation
  • A+ as described
  • thumb with a good range of motion


  • Velcro is “subpar”
  • Pretty pricey
  • Some believe it might be more durable.

Certainly, there's a conclusion for your blog post on “Best 10 Lacrosse Gloves for Defense”:


Selecting the right lacrosse gloves for defense is a critical decision for any player aiming to dominate on the field. Your gloves serve as a crucial barrier between your hands and the fast-paced, physical game of lacrosse. In this guide, we've delved into the top 10 lacrosse gloves for defense, considering their features, pros, and cons.

Whether you're seeking maximum protection, enhanced mobility, or superior ventilation, there's a pair of gloves on our list that can meet your specific needs. Remember to prioritize factors like fit, comfort, and budget while making your choice.

Ultimately, the best defense gloves are the ones that align with your playing style and requirements. With the information provided in this article, you're well-equipped to make an informed decision and elevate your performance in the lacrosse field.

Stay protected, play smart, and enjoy the game with the perfect pair of lacrosse gloves tailored for defense. Your journey to becoming an unstoppable defender starts here.

Certainly, here are 13 frequently asked questions (FAQs) that you can include in your blog post titled “Best 10 Lacrosse Gloves for Defense” to provide more valuable information to your readers:

1. What makes a good lacrosse glove for defense?

  – Answer: A good lacrosse glove for defense should offer a balance of protection, flexibility, and comfort. It should have ample padding, reinforced thumb protection, and a secure fit.

2. How do I choose the right size for lacrosse gloves?

 – Answer: To find the right size, measure your hand's circumference and compare it to the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer. A proper fit is essential for performance and protection.

3. Are there specific gloves designed for youth players?

   – Answer: Yes, many brands offer youth-sized lacrosse gloves designed with smaller hands and less padding for young players.

4. What's the importance of ventilation in lacrosse gloves?

   – Answer: Ventilation helps keep your hands cool and dry during the game. Proper airflow prevents sweat buildup and discomfort.

5. Should I prioritize protection over mobility in defense gloves?

   – Answer: It depends on your playing style. Ideally, you want a glove that offers a good balance of protection and mobility, as both are crucial for defense players.

6. Do more expensive gloves offer better protection?

 Answer: Not necessarily. While higher-priced gloves often come with advanced features, the best glove for you depends on your specific needs and preferences.

7. Can I customize the fit of lacrosse gloves?

   – Answer: Some gloves come with adjustable wrist straps or customizable cuff lengths to help you achieve a better fit.

8. What are the advantages of moisture-wicking technology in gloves?

  – Answer: Moisture-wicking technology helps keep your hands dry by moving sweat away from the skin. This is essential for comfort and grip during play.

9. Are there specific gloves for goalies in lacrosse?

   – Answer: Yes, goalies typically use gloves designed with extra padding and thumb protection for blocking shots.

10. How can I maintain and clean my lacrosse gloves?

  Answer: Cleaning with a damp cloth and mild soap is recommended. Avoid machine washing, as it can damage the gloves.

11. Do lacrosse gloves have a break-in period?

 Answer: Yes, most lacrosse gloves require some break-in time to conform to your hand's shape and become more comfortable.

12. What is the average lifespan of lacrosse gloves?

   – Answer: The lifespan of gloves varies depending on usage, quality, and care. On average, they can last several seasons.

13. Can I use lacrosse gloves for other sports like hockey or baseball?

   – Answer: Lacrosse gloves are specifically designed for lacrosse and may not provide adequate protection or flexibility for other sports. It's best to use sport-specific gloves.

Including these FAQs in your blog post can help address common questions and provide valuable guidance to your readers as they consider purchasing lacrosse gloves for defense.

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