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Lacrosse Equipment Reviews

Ambition 2 All Surface Sneaker Review 2023

The Ambition 2 All Surface Sneakers manufactured by Mizuno are designed to provide athletes with specific needs during the sport. Whether it’s baseball or softball you’re playing, these shoes aim to maximize your performance while keeping you comfortable and stable.

In this article, we analyze the shoes by examining the pros and cons and providing a thorough evaluation that will enable you to make a thorough decision about whether it suits your needs or not. 

Product Overview

The Ambition 2 All Surface Sneaker is a top-quality shoe that combines comfort with practicality. With its wide cleat, flexibility, and lightweight, it brings athletes the same level of comfort on turf as it would on grass. This product comes in three different colors to match to meet your style; black, gray, and white. 

These sneakers stand out with their exceptional key features and specifications that make an athlete’s top choice. These include: 

● Turt-Specific Traction,

● Rubber Sole,

● L Shaped studs,

● Full-Length Cushioning.

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Pros and Cons

In this section, we examine the Ambition 2 All Surface Sneaker based on the pros and cons of this product so that you make a well-informed decision on whether it fits your needs or not.


● Comfort

The Ambition 2 All Surface Sneaker is a top product, especially for baseball and softball players, due to the comfort that it brings while playing. 

The rubber sole and cushioning from the heel to the toe help absorb impact during your play and remove the stress about aches and fatigue that might linger during games. Not only that, but this sneaker has a U4icX Strobel Lasting Board that ensures a comfortable underfoot feel.

● Breathability

The materials used to make these sneakers, like mesh and synthetic materials, make it easy for the shoe to feel breathable and not like it’s trapping your feet inside. They provide durability and give your feet enough room to keep cool and dry even in humid weather. 

● Traction

The High, Dense, and Multi-directional studs on these sneakers allow increased traction on any sort of ground including turfs. The Ambition 2 All Surface Sneaker also comes with L-shaped studs that enhance your grip and reduces the chances for deformation.

● Fit and Sizing

Finding the right fit for shoes, especially ones for athletic purposes can be a crucial part of the purchase process. The Minuzo Ambition 2 All Surface Sneaker provides a wide range of sizes, ranging from 4 to 15 for men. 

This product generally receives positive feedback regarding its shoe size and fitting. They are known to be true to size and provide maximum comfort by catering to different shoe widths. The wide cleat allows you to slip your foot in with no hesitance or aches.

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● Design and Style

The one factor that appeals to a wide crowd is design. No one wants shoes that aren’t pleasing to look at. Minuzo came through with their Ambition 2 All Surface Sneaker that showcases a visually appealing design. 

The minimalism of the shoes along with the range of colors that you can choose from really puts these sneakers on the top of the list. It incorporates clean lines with classic options for colors that everyone can cater to according to their own needs and also helps athletes express their individuality on the field. 


● Price Point

The Ambition 2 All Surface Sneaker can be considered to sit at a higher price point than other turf shoes. Even though the quality of the shoes might justify the increased price, it might be a disadvantage for people who are looking to shop on a budget.

● Limited Weather Resistance

The materials involved in making these sneakers may be well for playing on a wide range of surfaces, but many have reported that they do not protect the feet against weather, such as water or wet surfaces. This can lead to discomfort while playing the sport and could potentially cause trouble in performance.

● Breaking-In Point

Like other athletic shoes, the Ambition 2 All Surface Sneaker also requires a break-in period for it to soften up and fit perfectly on your soe. 

This break-in period can be very stiff on your feet and may even cause some discomfort until it becomes more flexible. 

● Limited Arch Support

Some users have reported that these sneakers lack the necessary arch support necessary for users to feel comfortable in these sneakers. It might be a necessity for athletes to consider buying additional arch support in case.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use these shoes for sports other than baseball and softball?

Yes, the Ambition 2 All Surface Sneaker is designed to be versatile and can be used for a range of sports and activities. Whether you’re playing on turf, grass, or an indoor court, these sneakers are a perfect match. 

Do these shoes run true to size?

Many users have found that these sneakers are true to size and fit comfortably on your feet, whether it’s narrow or wide. However, you can refer to the size chart provided to be sure that you get an accurate fit.

Are the Minuzo Ambition 2 All Surface Sneakers suitable for players with wide feet?

Absolutely! These sneakers come with a wide cleat that provides comfort for those with wider feet. Generally, these sneakers are considered to be a great fit for every person, it is advisable to consider sizing up if you feel as if it’s needed. 

Do these shoes require a break-in period?

Like any other athletic shoes, these shoes require a time frame to break in as well. Before this period, the shoe may feel stiff and uncomfortable but once they start becoming flexible, they aim to provide maximum support to the user.

Can I replace the insoles in my sneakers?

Yes, the insoles of these shoes are replaceable and can be replaced for optimum comfort.


In conclusion, these all-surface sneakers are designed to optimize comfort for those who choose to buy this product. With its material choices and the soles used, the Ambition 2 All Surface Sneaker ensures durability and grip no matter what surface it’s used on. Apart from a few downsides like price and breaking in, these sneakers can be considered to be a top choice for athletes looking for sneakers that offer functionality and look pleasing to the eyes. 


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