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Lacrosse Equipment Reviews

10 Best cleats for lacrosse in [2023]

In this blog post we will read 10 best cleats for lacrosse step by step so get started.

You may have the best string job, the best stick available, and pads that take every hit like a tap on the shoulder. Best lacrosse cleats That's all very well. But none of the other equipment matters if you can't cover ground swiftly on your own two feet. Cleats are the foundation of everything you accomplish on the lacrosse field, so never ignore them. A cleat that provides you with enough support to keep your ankle and foot stable, enough traction to make quick cuts, and enough comfort to play hard for four quarters is what you need. We've done the legwork and broken down the top lacrosse studs currently on the market to make your search easier.

Field cleats, turf shoes, molded studs, replacement spikes, high-tops, low-tops, and moreThe list is endless. Depending on the type of field, your preferences, and other factors, there are numerous lacrosse cleat models available.

We have identified the top choices for a range of situations to assist you in selecting the ideal lacrosse cleat for you. To navigate to a certain section, simply click on the table of contents below, or scroll down to view our picks.

New balance FreezeLX V4 Low: (best men cleats for lacrosse)

The newest lacrosse cleat on our list is the New Balance FreezeLX V4, which was just introduced in November 2022. Similar to earlier FreezeLX versions, it is made with lacrosse players in mind. I had the good fortune to test these lacrosse studs shortly after they were introduced, and I believe they are the best I've ever used. Despite their low weight, my foot feels secure in them.

I can also cut easily in any direction because the footplate's studs feel like they are positioned precisely. The FreezeLX V4s are constructed with breathable fabrics throughout to keep your feet dry in addition to all of the above. Additionally, they have a hybrid tongue that keeps your ankle in place in any direction.

Additionally, New Balance improved the V4s' design. There are five colors available, ranging from a striking red to a crisp white. If you have ankle problems, it is the sole reason to stay away from this cleat. The FreezeLX V4 Mid, which is listed next, might be something you want to think about in that situation. The New Balance FreezeLX V4 Lows are now the finest option if you like a low-cut lacrosse cleat.


  • 1. Exceptional Traction
  • 2. Lightweight Design
  • 3. Comfortable Fit
  • 4. Durable Construction
  • 5. Ankle Support:
  • 6. Versatility
  • 7. Stylish Design


  • Limited Ankle Support

2:New balance v4 mid

The mid-cut version of the recently announced New Balance FreezeLX V4 is now available, just as promised. The FreezeLX V4 Mid is the ideal cleat for you if you want a mid-cut style that offers a little bit of extra ankle support.

Many of the features of the low-cut version (see above) are also included in these, but the upper is slightly higher on the ankle, offering more support. This support will assist you in staying on the pitch if you have ankle problems all the time.

I suggest experimenting with both the low-cut and mid-cut styles to determine which you feel most at ease in if you don't frequently experience ankle problems. While some people feel comfortable in mids, others enjoy the added mobility that low-cut cleats provide.

The FreezeLX V4 Mids are incredibly light and offer excellent traction for lacrosse movements, just like the Lows. In addition, the mid-cuts come in five colors: white, black, tan, red, and blue.

We believe that the New Balance FreezeLX V4 Mids are the greatest alternative currently available if you like a mid-cut lacrosse cleat.


  • Comfortable fit
  • Exceptional cushioning
  • Durability
  • Breathability


  • Expensive:

3: Nike Huarache 8 Elite Lacrosse cleats:

I presently wear the latest Nike Alpha Huarache 8 Elite Cleats, which are among our best picks for lacrosse players. With its mid-cut and non-slip tongue, these cleats offer the ideal combination of support and movement for attackmen, middies, and defensemen alike. In addition, the X-fit system helps to stabilize the rear of your heel whether you're cutting quickly or running across the field. The sock liner at the ankle of these studs is one of my favorite features. The Nike Alpha Huarache 8 Elite Cleats include a softer sock lining that encircles your ankle and a somewhat shorter solid material than some other mid-cut lacrosse cleats.

In addition to allowing for greater ankle mobility, this keeps turfies and grass out of the cleat. The Huarache 8 Elites' actual studs are more strategically placed for the various movements on the field than other lacrosse studs I've purchased. In all situations, I feel like I have the traction and leverage needed to move as quickly as I need to, whether I'm evading, facing off, or covering.

The only significant drawback to these cleats is that finding the correct size can occasionally be challenging. They're not yet in stock at a lot of the locations where I buy shoes. I'll do my best to keep this page updated so you can always view the available options for purchase. All things considered, one of our best suggestions for lacrosse players—attackers, midfielders, and defensemen—is the Nike Alpha Huarache 8 Elite Cleats. There's a good reason why this season, these cleats are being worn by several college players across the country.

4: Nike Alpha Huarache 8 Pro Adult Lacrosse cleats:

The Nike Alpha Huarache 8 Pro Adult Lacrosse Cleats are an excellent choice if you like low-cut cleats.

I use these cleats while I play, and I'm in love with them. In addition, they seem to be the most stylish lacrosse studs ever made. In particular, the all-white design is tidy.

These Nike cleats are new for 2023 and are made especially for lacrosse. Everything is made to fit the specific cuts and motions needed for the fastest game on two feet, from the positioning of the studs to the ankle support.

With their triangular spikes and flexible TPU plates, the Alpha Huarache 8 Pro Cleats are easy to cut in any direction. Additionally, there is additional foam cushioning for added comfort and support. You won't have to constantly adjust your cleats while on the field because the Huarache 8 Pro cleats are simple to put on and take off and have a non-slip tongue that stays in place. To keep your feet cool no matter how hot it gets, Nike also incorporates breathable fabrics throughout.

The primary drawback of these cleats is the same as that of any other low-cut cleat: because the cleats aren't as tall, there is innately less ankle support.  That being said, the Nike Alpha Huarache 8 Pros are among the best lacrosse studs available if you are accustomed to low-cut studs and have no problems with them.


  • Outstanding traction
  • Durable construction
  • Comfortable fit
  • Excellent Ankle support
  • Breathability


  • Break in period

5: New balance freeze LX 3.0 Men’s lacrosse cleats

The second-newest model in the Freeze cleat lineup, the New Balance Freeze LX 3.0, is still a fantastic choice.

The level of traction these cleats offer is what I enjoy best about them. There are studs on the outside that are slanted outward to aid with lateral cuts in addition to the conventional spikes on the bottom foot plate.

In addition, breathable fabrics are used throughout the Freeze LX 3.0s to keep your feet dry. Additionally, they have a hybrid tongue that adjusts to your movement to keep your ankle in place.

The eyelets tearing easily is one complaint that has repeatedly surfaced in online evaluations. Although I never encountered this with my partner, it's something to be cautious of.

The New Balance Freeze LX 3.0 lacrosse studs are a good choice to think about if you want a mid-cut style. With good reason, they are among the most well-liked pairs of lacrosse studs.


  • Exceptional traction
  • Comfortable fit
  • Durable construction
  • Ankle support


  • Comes in limited colors

6:New balance men’s burn x2 mid cut lacrosse shoes:

The Burn X2 Mid-Cut shoe from New Balance is the next choice on our list of the top lacrosse studs; it's a stylish, well-made boot that's ready for action. The thermoplastic polyurethane used to stiffen the base and sides of the Burn X2 provides weather protection without compromising flexibility. Operationally, the Burn prioritizes control and comfort.

To optimize acceleration and downhill speed, a unique plate is used. Regardless of the degree of movement, a soft insert integrates with the design to provide a snug fit. The problem lies in the fit: the Burn X2 is sewed in at the front and runs narrow. It also lacks the tongue that is needed to release the top so it can be slipped on and off. The cleat may also run significantly smaller than your typical shoe size—one user reported that it might run up to two sizes smaller.

The bold claim made by New Balance is that players who base their strategy on a rapid initial step will find the Burn X2 to be the ideal cleat. The intangibles suggest that this is accurate, thus for those attackmen who are adept at cutting and dodging, this is a wise item to take into account.


  • Superior traction
  • Comfort fit
  • Durable construction
  • Mid-cut design
  • Breathability
  • Customizable lancing


  • Narrow fit

7: Under Armour command pro MC lacrosse:

Next on our list of the top field lacrosse cleats are the Under Armour Command Pro MC Cleats. An additional practical product from UA emphasizes a stable fit and traction. Players who are concerned about sprains will find extra comfort and support from the low-cut, sock-like ankle collar. The heel is kept in place during forceful directional shifts and motions by an integrated support cage.

Despite being lightweight, the molded TPU cleat plate offers excellent stability and traction. As with other low-cut studs, you give up some ankle stability in return for more mobility and reduced weight over mid-cut studs. The UA Command Pro MC cleats are an excellent choice if you want low-cut cleats.


  • Outstanding traction
  • Durable construction
  • Comfortable fit
  • Excellent Ankle support
  • Breathability


  • Break in period

8:New balance kids freeze LX 3.0 Junior Lacrosse cleats:

Another cleat made especially for lacrosse, the Freeze 3.0 Junior is a scaled-down version of the adult Freeze 3.0 cleat from New Balance.

The Freeze 3.0 prioritizes speed and comfort above bulk by using a lightweight, breathable mesh construction.

In addition to the primary spikes on the bottom, the Freeze 3.0 Youth cleat incorporates Quixrail outside spikes to aid in lateral cutting, just like its adult cousin.

However, compared to some other options, these cleats are larger, which may slow down certain athletes. Additionally, there aren't many color choices. All things considered, the Freeze 3.0 remains an excellent cleat for any young lacrosse player who values comfort and support.


  • Outstanding traction
  • Durable construction
  • Comfortable fit
  • Excellent Ankle support
  • Breathability


  • Break in period

9:Under Armour kids Command RM Lacrosse Cleats:

The Under Armour Kids' Command RM is the last pair of lacrosse studs on our list of the finest for kids.  The mid-cut of these cleats offers outstanding stability without limiting mobility. They are cozy and lightweight. With its snug fit around the ankle, the sock liner adds comfort and stability. The spikes are made to offer superior traction in every circumstance. You can keep upright with the UA Command RM Kids Cleats on whether the field is covered in mid-field or bone dry. Despite coming in last on our list, these cleats are a fantastic choice for you or your young lacrosse player.


  • Amazing
  • Comfy
  • Great shoe
  • Fast delivery


  • Narrow fit

10: New Balance Men’s freeze LX V4 Truf shoe:

The newest model of lacrosse studs in the most well-liked brand is the New Balance FreezeLX V4 Turf. It's meant to draw attention to your play, not your ankle.

The FreezeLX V4 Turf's tight shape hugs your foot for increased comfort and security. For the fast cuts you're used to on turf, the extra tooth layers in the sole offer more traction.

Even with the addition of Fresh Foam midsole cushioning, the V4s maintain its lightweight and flexible design. The Freeze line's V4 iteration is the lightest sneaker that New Balance has produced to date.

These turf sneakers don't have any significant drawbacks. That's pretty much the only color option available for them—white with black accents.  With an impressive track record of functionality, New Balance enters the turf shoe market.


  • Superior traction
  • Comfort Fit
  • Durable construction
  • Mid-cut design
  • Breathability


  • expensive

Buying guide for Lacrosse cleats:

In addition to the particular items mentioned above, we made a brief buying guide to assist you in determining the factors to take into account while selecting lacrosse studs.

1: Turf shoes vs. normal shoes:

Probably the best place to start is here. Turf shoes and cleats differ greatly from one another, so before investing in one over the other, it's crucial to understand how each works (or doesn't) on different playing surfaces.

First, let's talk about lacrosse turf shoes. These work best when applied to man-made surfaces. Shoes substitute fewer heavy teeth that yet offer sufficient traction to allow safe movement on the field for the stabilizing property of studs because of the predictable nature of such surfaces. Turf shoes are best avoided if you play mainly on grass unless you want to wear them in addition to your current cleats.

Conversely, regular cleats work well on all types of fields, although they perform best on grass and in adverse weather conditions. On such surfaces, longer studs give you the necessary traction to keep your balance and speed when sprinting into the box or closing in on an attacker.

A standard cleat is unquestionably the best option if you're not trying to open a Foot Locker and want a shoe that prides itself on being useful on all playing surfaces.


Size is the most important consideration to make after choosing the type of shoe you want. A well-fitting pair of shoes results in reduced slippage, more control, and footwear and tear (such as blisters and arch pain). Do your homework before choosing a size, especially if you're buying online, as certain cleats may run large or small relative to your actual foot length due to brand sizing variability.

Furthermore, pay attention to the way your foot is constructed. Are your feet narrow or wide? Since cleats must be tight, many of them may skew narrow, which can be extremely painful and even harmful for people with larger feet. If this is the case, reviews will typically make it clear. Fortunately, some shoe brands also have broad versions available.


The height of the ankle is expressly meant by the cut. If you are among those who are prone to ankle injuries, this is something you should think about because the cut may or may not improve your level of fitness.

Ankle support is provided by high and mid cuts, the former more so than the latter. On the other hand, a mid-cut gives you more mobility and flexibility to do the actions you need on the field while still offering some protection.

Low-cut shoes are probably better for people who don't mind sprains or twists and would rather forego the additional weight in favor of speed because they offer very little ankle-specific support.


Even if lighter shoes are more comfortable and might make you move faster, it's always crucial to keep in mind that lighter also usually translates to less support. Even while wearing heavier cleats could make you move more slowly, having the necessary support will prevent injuries that could keep you off the field entirely.

It boils down to weighing your position on the field and doing a cost-benefit analysis. Consider your amount of cuts on the field and your vulnerability to ankle strains. It would be wise to go with a somewhat heavier but more supportive shoe if you cut a lot and are prone to injuries.

The cleats we described above provide a good combination of weight and support because many of them are made mostly of lightweight materials but add additional supportive components to give the shoe greater rigidity.


The industry standard nowadays for cleat plates and other external protection is thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). You should seek a material that is both lightweight and sturdy in any cleat you may be considering.

Additional details to check for are knit ankle liners and mesh outer features, particularly along the tongue. They can provide you with the desired sock-like feel and encourage breathability while also adding security to the garment.

Another item to pay attention to is foam insoles. Nowadays, foam is a regular component inside boots, offering shock absorption that can prevent micro-trauma to your shins and feet while also providing support without adding weight.

Like everything else, lacrosse cleat technology is always evolving as new, lighter materials hit the market each year. Make sure to investigate the most recent cleat releases to find out which materials are available for the never flavor of the week and which ones you should be on the lookout for.

How do we rate lacrosse cleats?

We only recommend things that we would personally use, and we take our ratings seriously. When possible, we test the products ourselves to determine our ratings. We also look at the product characteristics (weight, materials, etc.), read user reviews, and speak with lacrosse players we know who have used the gear. Specifically, we attempt to take them to a field and test lacrosse moves in them for a few sessions at the very least while testing cleats.

This gives us insight into their performance during gameplay and their break-in period. If we are unable to wear them on the field, we at least try them on in the store and spend more time chatting with players we know who wear them. If you have any comments or suggestions regarding any of the products that are displayed on this page, please get in touch with us!

FAQs: Best Cleats for Lacrosse

Q1: What features should I look for when choosing lacrosse cleats?

A1: Look for features such as superior traction, ankle support, comfortable fit, durability, and breathability. These qualities are essential for optimal performance and comfort during lacrosse gameplay.

Q2: Are lacrosse cleats different from other types of sports cleats?

A2: Yes, lacrosse cleats are designed specifically for the unique movements and demands of lacrosse. They often have features like mid-cut or high-cut designs for ankle support and specialized traction patterns to enhance agility on the field.

Q3: Can I use soccer or football cleats for lacrosse?

A3: While soccer and football cleats share some similarities, lacrosse cleats are designed with specific lacrosse movements in mind. It's recommended to use cleats designed for lacrosse to ensure optimal performance, support, and injury prevention.

Q4: How do I know if the cleats are the right fit for my feet?

A4: The right fit is crucial for comfort and performance. Ensure your cleats provide a snug fit without being too tight. Look for options with customizable lacing systems and consider trying them on with lacrosse socks to simulate in-game conditions.

Q5: Are there cleats suitable for different playing positions in lacrosse?

A5: Yes, some cleats are tailored for specific positions. For instance, midfielders might prefer cleats that balance speed and support, while defenders might opt for cleats prioritizing ankle stability. Consider your position and playing style when choosing cleats.

Q6: How often should I replace my lacrosse cleats?

A6: The lifespan of cleats depends on factors like frequency of use, playing conditions, and maintenance. Generally, replacing cleats annually or when signs of wear and tear, reduced traction, or discomfort arise is advisable to ensure optimal performance and safety.

Q7: How can I maintain and clean my lacrosse cleats to prolong their lifespan?

A7: To prolong the lifespan of your cleats, clean them after each use, removing mud and debris. Air-dry them naturally and avoid direct heat sources. Store them in a cool, dry place. Regular maintenance not only extends their lifespan but also ensures consistent performance on the field.

Conclusion: Finding Your Perfect Fit in the Lacrosse World

In the heart of every lacrosse game lies a critical element often overlooked – the choice of cleats. The right pair can elevate your performance, providing the traction, support, and comfort necessary for agility and swift movements on the field. Throughout this exploration of the best cleats for lacrosse, we've delved into various models, considering factors like traction, durability, fit, and style.

As we wrap up this journey, it’s essential to recognize that the best cleat is not a one-size-fits-all concept. Players have unique needs, preferences, and playing styles, so searching for the ideal pair is a highly individual process. Some may prioritize ankle support, while others might focus on lightweight construction for speed and agility. Some might need cleats suitable for different field types, while others concentrate on breathability for comfort during prolonged matches.

Our journey through the top lacrosse cleats has showcased a diverse array of options, each excelling in specific aspects. Whether you're a beginner, an experienced player, or a coach guiding a team, understanding your requirements is key to making the right choice.

Remember, the best cleats not only enhance your game but also reduce the risk of injuries, enabling you to focus on what truly matters – the thrill of the game and the pursuit of victory. So, as you step onto the lacrosse field, let your cleats be the foundation of your confidence, allowing you to dash, pivot, and conquer the game with finesse.

Armed with this knowledge, you're now equipped to make an informed decision. Whether you prefer the classic design of traditional cleats, the versatility of multi-sport options, or the cutting-edge technology of the latest models, your choice reflects your commitment to the sport.

In the world of lacrosse, where every step matters, your cleats become more than just gear – they become a part of your journey, propelling you toward success and shaping your experiences on the field. As you lace up your chosen pair, remember that the best cleats not only enhance your performance but also become a symbol of your dedication to the game. So, go ahead, find your perfect fit, and let your game soar to new heights. The lacrosse field awaits, and with the right cleats, you're ready to leave your mark on the game you love.

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