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Lacrosse Equipment Reviews

Blur Smoke 2.0 Molded Cleat Football Shoe Review 2023


Designed specifically for football players, the Blur Smoke 2.0 Molded Cleat Football Shoe is a highly anticipated release from Under Armour which is a leading inventor, marketer, and distributor of branded athletic performance apparel, footwear, and accessories. 

This shoe aims in providing optimal performance and comfort on the field. We will now go in-depth about the features and benefits of the blur smoke 2.0 which will surely make you astonished with its durability and functions.


The features which make this article unique include


  • The enhanced traction provides a strong grip to maximize speed and allows players to accelerate effortlessly.

Responsive Cushioning:

  • The incorporation of innovative UA HOVR technology into the Blur Smoke 2.0 Molded Cleat Football Shoe creates them capable of responsive cushioning which provides comfort during intense gameplay.

Lightweight synthetic material:

  • A lightweight synthetic material is added to the shoe's upper which enables players to move easily, freely, and swiftly.

Wear and Tear Resistance:

  • Wear and tear resistance is an important feature mainly designed on the upper of the Blur Smoke 2.0 Molded Cleat Football Shoe.

Lace-up Closure System:

  • Explosive movements and stability of players are kept under consideration in designing the blur smoke 2.0 through its lace-up closure system.


  • Intense sweating and the risk of blisters are prevented by the breathability feature of the blur smoke 2.0 which has specifically placed perforations allowing airflow.


             As a unique and mesmerizing product, the Blur Smoke 2.0 has several benefits for its users which include:

Quick and Swift Movements

  • Players can make quick cuts, move swiftly and perform at their best with the lightweight design and cushioning. The Blur Smoke 2.0 Molded Cleat Football Shoe enhances a player's performance on the field.

Reduction of joint pressure

  • Players can easily focus on the game and they can play without distractions due to the comfortable fit of the shoe. The pressure on joints is reduced by the shoe's HOVR technology. 


  • The Blur Smoke 2.0 is made of high-quality materials which increase its life span and make it a durable article. Players can easily rely on it as it ensures top condition throughout the season.


  • The Blur Smoke 2.0 is a versatile article that can function properly on both natural grass and synthetic turf. Regardless of the playing surfaces, this shoe ensures players perform their best in every game situation.

Top-notch designs

  • With a range of colors and eye-catching aesthetic designs, the Blur Smoke 2.0 Molded Cleat Football Shoe has uniqueness and demand in its way.

FAQs ( Frequently Asked Questions):

  1. Can these cleats be used for other sports besides football?
  • The Blur Smoke 2.0 is specifically designed for football yet some players have found them suitable for sports like soccer. Although these cleats can function best for football.
  1. Do these shoes have a color range?
  • Yes, there is a limited color range in these cleats but it is not very wide for a personalized or unique look.
  1. Why is the price of this shoe higher than other cleats in the market?
  • The Blur Smoke 2.0 Molded Cleat Football Shoe is manufactured with high-quality products to ensure durability for the players which is why the price is higher than other options in the market which may be a consideration for budget-conscious buyers.
  1. Do the Blur Smoke 2.0 cleats come with a warranty?
  • Under Armour offers a limited warranty on their products which may cover manufacturing defects.


The Blur Smoke 2.0 is a worthwhile investment for serious athletes if they are looking for high-performance football cleats which combine style and functionality. 

Despite the few drawbacks of a limited color range and higher price, the Blur Smoke 2.0 Molded Cleat Football Shoe from Under Armour is a top-tier footwear option for football players because of its superior traction, responsive cushioning, and lightweight design. They help players to excel in their game and are worth considering for athletes.

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