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Lacrosse Equipment Reviews

Lacoste Men Bayliss Sneaker – Epic Review 2023

Here is the honest & complete Lacoste Men Bayliss Sneaker review 2023 for those who want to get the best results from their picks. You appear to be wearing your old dress white shoes; perhaps you desire some more comfy shoes? Finding shoes that are in style yet not too young is challenging. Before purchasing shoes, comfort is the very first thing I consider. I purchased Lacoste Men's Bayliss Sneakers for my office party six months ago.

I need sneakers that are exactly like my old white pair so that I may wear them frequently. So these shoes provide me with the same comfort and style that made me want to buy them. These pairs are distinct from my previous sneakers because they feature a crocodile emblem on the side.

Lacoste Men Bayliss Sneaker Review

Additionally, the design has changed a little, which I don't like. However, the Lacoste Men's Bayliss Sneaker is significantly more affordable, soft, and comfortable. I wear these shoes frequently, which are still in good condition after six months.

In the summer, I can comfortably and efficiently wear these shoes. The sleek and elegant design of the Lacoste Men Bayliss sneaker with oceanic inspiration makes it perfect for everyday wear. Moreover, it has a lace-up silhouette with a tan lining for a more upscale appearance.

A webbing loop on the heel completes the design. Crisp leather uppers contrast with a perforated leather collar for a textured touch. Signature touches include the metal crocodile and the silver branding on the tongue.

Product Description

The Lacoste Men Bayliss Sneakers are ideal for work and play. I appreciate the premium leather upper with a modern perforated collar. And the embroidered Lacoste logo on the shoes' tongue, heel, and sides is the main feature.

However, slight leather and metal quarter branding details with a pique tab. Moreover, the top eyelet details and a cushioned ortholite insole complement the monochromatic palette. Lacoste has a legendary history in the world of athletic clothing.

The footwear line continues to be popular with the brand's trend-conscious customers. Lacoste stands out from other lifestyle brands thanks to its distinctive style, which combines contemporary patterns and hues with traditional shapes.


These sneakers were on Saturday sale when I placed my order. I buy it for a fair price. When I ordered it, my item arrived in 5 business days. The package was nicely wrapped. A note with best wishes was inside the box when I opened it.

A lovely cloth was used to cover the shoes. There was a small bag to guard against dampness within the package. Let's discuss the design, attributes, and other relevant features.

Design and Shape

There are few styles available in the Bayliss category. They combined it with two hues, black and white. However, you can select your types using either black and white or a single color. It is an excellent option at a fair price. Lightweight, fashionable, cozy, and the ideal fit.

Material of Lacoste Men Bayliss Sneaker

  • Leather and synthetic uppers
  • The outsole consists of rubber
  • The linings are synthetic and textile
  • The perforated leather collar offers sport-luxe appeal
  • Without composition (100%)
  • OrthoLite in socks for comfort and support


  • Lacoste creates the Bayliss sneaker for men with a breathable mesh interior and a smooth leather upper.
  • It is to pad the tongue and collar to enhance comfort and support.
  • Lace closure ensures a snug fit
  • Personalized side logo decal
  • Toe with box stitching
  • Footbed with padding for comfort
  • For lightweight traction and flexibility, use vulcanized rubber on the sole.


  • Cushioned insole
  • Lace-up closure
  • Rounded toe
  • Metal crocodile on the quarter
  • Izod original sneakers


  • Creates itching sometimes


What materials do the Lacoste Men's Bayliss Sneakers use for manufacturing?

Lacoste crafts the Men's Bayliss Sneakers with a premium synthetic and textile upper. It includes a hardy rubber outsole and a soft textile inner to ensure comfort and durability.

How true to size are the Lacoste Men's Bayliss Sneakers?

Yes, Lacoste Men's Bayliss Sneakers often run true to size. Fit, nevertheless, can differ from person to person. I advise referring to the sizing chart or reading customer evaluations for additional information.

How should my Lacoste Men's Bayliss Sneakers be maintained and cleaned?

It would be best to gently clean your sneakers with a gentle brush or towel and warm, soapy water. However, avoid harsh detergents or the washing machine, which could damage the material.

Is the Lacoste Men's Bayliss Sneaker only for everyday wear?

The Lacoste Men's Bayliss Sneaker is made with comfort and durability. However, it is primarily intended for fashion or informal occasions rather than as a sports shoe. It might deliver a different performance or support than a specialist athletic shoe.

Is there a warranty for the Lacoste Men Bayliss Sneaker?

The easiest way to get warranty information is to speak directly with the retailer or Lacoste customer care. Normal wear and tear are typically excluded, but manufacturing flaws are usually covered.


The Lacoste Men Bayliss Sneake captures the brand's commitment to luxury casual footwear. They offer a great blend of style, comfort, and quality. Simply put, you can wear the Lacoste Men Bayliss Sneaker all day and night. It's got a cool look and lots of color choices.

The shoe isn't just about looking good; it's also very comfortable. However, this shows that Lacoste cares about making their customers happy. Because they last a long time, these sneakers are worth what you pay for them. If you want these in a shoe, then the Lacoste Men Bayliss Sneaker is right. Grab your opportunity now!

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