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Lacrosse Equipment Reviews

Lacrosse Surgeon RZR Gloves Review 2023

Lacrosse players often search for good quality padded and protective gloves for their hands and wrists. The Lacrosse Surgeon RZR Gloves is a revolutionary product that reduces the number of parts in the back of the hand from 120 to only 1. 

Besides the innovative design, the gloves’ padding blocks enable greater flexibility thus improving performance. 

Want to know more about the disruptive features of these gloves? Let’s dig deeper into that in this review. 

What are the Lacrosse Surgeon RZR Gloves? 

Since its release, these gloves have been the talk of the town due to their unique look. The Lacrosse Surgeon RZR gloves have transformed the way Lacrosse gloves look. 

The gloves have a one-piece foam padding which replaces the traditional padding. The number of parts present at the back of the hand goes from 120 to one. The design bid farewell to the convention stitched padding present in most gloves in the market. 

This gives the gloves a futuristic look and makes them more flexible. The additional padding allows for better stick control, accurate shooting, and passing while being extraordinarily flexible at the back of the hand. 

Hence, these features of the glove, not only increase the flexibility but also performance all the while being extremely lightweight. 

Let’s know more about other features below! 


Light in Weight 

The glove prides itself on being lightweight due to its streamlined construction. Going from 120 pieces to one means the gloves provide maximum comfort with minimal weight. 

The Lacrosse Surgeon RZR Gloves are comparatively much lighter than their counterparts weighing only 159 grams forming a perfect lightweight fit. 

2nd SKIN™

The 2nd SKIN technology palm is hyper-breathable and innovative. It contains fewer stitches thus increasing the feel of the stick. 

The technology offers a next-generation tactile response. That benefits the players to feel the stick better and play along with a tactile response. 

Ax Suede™ Palm and Taper Fit 

The gloves offer one of the best comfortable palms. The Ax Suede Technology palm is designed with unique mesh vents that keep the hand cool and dry. 

Besides that, the gloves are durable with a Game ready Taper fit. The fit enhances and enables the stick feel by hugging the fingers, while also tapering out, allowing the hand to breathe. 

The palm is one of the most essential components of Lacrosse gloves. Through the engineered mesh vents and 2nd SKIN technology, these gloves are providing one of the best palms in the market. 

Superflex Technology 

The SUPERFLEX™ offers a lightweight design as well as a double number of boxes in the key contact zone.

Hence, that helps in protecting from slashes as well as the flexibility to play with ease. 

Layered Cuff Design and GuardLock 

The gloves have a layered cuff design that increases the range of motion and offers protection. 

Besides that the gloves have updated Guard Lock technology straps that secure the mouthguard when players are not using it on their time away from the field. 

DFLKT Shields 

The DFLKT™ shields are present on the thumb and back of the hand. 

This is a part of the gloves that provide deflective protection. 


● Seven molded slits for each finger provide maximum finger mobility while shooting, passing, and cradling 

● The palm is designed using ax suede and fly wire for tactile response and feel 

● There is a compartment for the mouthguard

● The hidden wrist straps will let the gloves hang when they are not in use 

● Good dexterity 

● When the wrist is flexed there is additional protection due to the gloves having a floating cuff with two fixed points

Pros and Cons of Lacrosse Surgeon RZR Gloves 

Lacrosse Surgeon RZR Gloves are one of a kind for Lacrosse players. However, like every other product, it also comes with its set of cons. 


The Lacrosse Surgeon RZR Gloves consist of various features and technologies that give it an edge over other gloves available in the market. 

These include: 

● Super Flex technology for superior flexibility and protection from slashes in the hand 

● Reduced the number of parts in the back of the hand from 120 to 1 

● Comfortable to wear and provides good dexterity 

● Fewer stitch lines in 2nd SKIN for increased tactile response and feel 

● Ax Suede palm with engineered mesh vents that last a while without fraying 

● Futuristic aesthetics 

● Protective gloves that reduce the impact on your hands

● Seven molded slits for every finger 

● Hidden wrist straps and support for a mouthguard


One of the main cons of the gloves is its price. With plenty of features provided these gloves can be a rather expensive purchase. 

However, if players want the best results and a comfortable experience, they will be willing to make the purchase even if the product is at the pricier end. 

Another downside is the break-in time. It can take a little while to break in because of the one-piece foam padding. The glove immediately does not want to form on your hand rather it stays flat. 

The thumb is especially a little stiff when it is new. The break-in times for modern gloves are usually negligible hence, it can deter people if it requires a few training sessions for that. 

There are mesh vents in the gloves but they may still result in little ventilation. This can go either way where they can keep the hands warmer in the winters but can be a little suffocating in summers. 


Q. What are the sizes available for the gloves? 

The gloves are offered in sizes XX-Small 6-inch, X-Small 8-inch, Small 10-inch, Medium 12-inch, Large 13-inch, and X-Large 14-inch. 

The sizes are determined by weight and hand length. 

Q. What is the weight of the gloves? 

The gloves weigh up to 159 grams. 

Q. What is the specific age range for the gloves? 

While the gloves are recommended for older lacrosse players, they fit according to hand length and weight. Therefore, the player’s age does not matter as long as the size fits. 

Q. Can I buy a single glove? 

You can only buy the gloves in a pair of two. Individual gloves are not available yet. 


Lacrosse Surgeon RZR Gloves are a disruptive and revolutionary innovation in the market of lacrosse gloves. 

With several features, comfort, and advanced technology, these gloves are soon going to be one of the most popular gloves for lacrosse players. 

If you are looking to buy high-end gloves, spend on these gloves once for the comfort and dexterity that will last you a while. You can also visit my blog to learn more about lacrosse.

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