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How much do professional lacrosse players make? Guide 2023

Do you want to know how much do professional lacrosse players make in a month or year? In this post, I will tell you how much do professional lacrosse players make by playing games for teams or individual clubs.

Since it's been clear to everyone that lacrosse is not a game, everyone has heard about or get always excited by listening to its name. However, people who are aware of the trends of sports and the development in this field better know about the growing popularity of this game worldwide, particularly in America.

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For example, the report about the men's professional lacrosse tournament states that “PLL chiefs said the 2023 season was the most-watched season across broadcasts in the PLL's four-year history”.

Now, when the popularity increases, the curiosity about ‘How much professional lacrosse players make' also increases.

Well, you are also curious about the income of professional lacrosse players. Yes, I'm talking about you… the reader. Everyone wants to know how much do professional lacrosse players make by playing this awesome game.

If this is the case, congratulations, you are at the right place. Let's dig into the actual subject, and can you please reserve your seat on the sofa for the next 7-8 minutes? So, we can start your curiosity by answering all the questions individually.

How much do professional lacrosse players make?

You already know that various webs on the internet show multiple data about the earnings of lacrosse players. However, here is a quick note the players' salaries vary according to their leagues.

For example, the incomes between three major leagues, i.e., PLL (Premier Lacrosse League), MLL (Major League Lacrosse), and NLL (National Lacrosse League), vary drastically as for the first one, a player can make about $35,000 approximately.

In contrast, for the players in MLL and NLL, it lies between $9,200 to $27,000. These are the approximate earnings a player can make per season of the game. For yearly earnings, a player can earn around $44,680 annually. Do you know how much do professional lacrosse players make a year who get sponsorships from big brands like Red Bull & Coca-Cola?

Similarly, the earnings vary according to the level and experience of a player, as, on average, in the US market, a player can earn around $64,168 based on different factors.

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 How much do professional indoor lacrosse players make?

Most people need to be aware of the indoor lacrosse players and not know that the pro box league was founded in America in 1986 and named the Eagle pro box lacrosse league. After that, it was renamed the Major indoor lacrosse league (MLL) and the National lacrosse league (NLL).

Though NLL is older than PLL, the difference in their players' salaries is drastic. It is said that the NLL players earn around $15,000 yearly. However, it usually depends on the season, as I said above.

 How much do professional women's lacrosse players make?

Where the men's lacrosse league is gaining popularity in the world, particularly in the united states, within high schools, colleges, etc., the women's lacrosse league is also growing in terms of popularity and developmental aspects of a women.

The purpose of making the Women's Professional Lacrosse League (WPLL) was not solely to promote the new game. Along with being a professional league, it is also a developmental program for raising the stars in women's lacrosse.

great lacrosse player shot

Though it's an excellent initiative to make similar ways to promote women's participation in lacrosse games, similarly to other fields, there also exists a vast earning difference between the women's and men's professional lacrosse leagues.

The reader must know that WPLL came into existence recently, i.e., in 2016. So it's not a league that has been here for a long time and now growing and transforming to get another milestone.

Hence, it's just started in recent years and growing and gaining popularity too soon as related to the other sports. You might have heard about the revenue women's lacrosse games generated, i.e., up to $151 million, and ranked as one of the top women's sports.

Do you know how much do professional lacrosse players make who are not playing yet due to their retirement? The rough salary starts from $55000 a month without doing anything. No, I am not kidding.

Regarding the salaries, different estimates show that it should make an average of $10,000, but there are no confirmations. As of now, the plans for WPLL include that they aim to increase the number of players, but there has yet to be a decision about their wages. Particularly the wage gap in worldwide industries.


So, Suppose you are with me here. In that case, it means that now you know ‘how much money professional lacrosse players make a year,' ‘how much professional women's lacrosse players make,' ‘what is the indoor professional lacrosse game' and overall' how much professional lacrosse players make.'

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Now, you want to know about the richest lacrosse players. So, here I will tell you about the top five, including Chase Soleman III, Joe Tsai, Meg Whitman, Jim Brown, and Bill Belichick. The first two are former lacrosse players with a net worth of $10.3 billion and $8.8 billion, respectively. 

The others have $4.7 billion, $50 million, and $40 million, respectively. Although they are famous for playing lacrosse games, they have different backgrounds, qualifications, skills, etc. Chase Coleman III holds a net worth of $8.5 billion and is now the only investor.

This is how much do professional lacrosse players make who are not playing these days. That’s why the Lacrosse game is so big and can make you rich if you use your mind correctly and professionally.

Some of them also led the team at some points. If you are interested in looking deeply into their personalities, development, and achievement, you can read the source link below:


They are undoubtedly the players with the most compatible skills, experience, and level in their game, but it should be acceptable that they have done their best to achieve this goal. 

They have spent so many years of their lives being at the stage they are, for being called the skilled player, for making proud their families, departments, and their countries.

The lacrosse game has not been so popular in the past as it is now growing, so, for sure, this achievement has been challenging for them to make. 

However, we should also appreciate their efforts. We hope that that lacrosse game will not only be identified by its name but also with handsome compensation to the players so that they don't have to work part-time and play for their department as well as it would help them to get motivated and grow in this field of sports.


So, I hope you may know how much do professional lacrosse players make a year or even in a month who are newbies as well. If you still don’t know how much professional lacrosse players make & asking from here and there, I have added all those resources where I can see their monthly salaries.

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You should see them, which will help you become the best net worth checker who can tell people in a storytelling competition. More questions?

Let me know, and make sure you bookmark this page so you can tell other people how much professional lacrosse players make. I will see you in the next article with something new and better for your help. Until then, make sure you ask anything that is bothering you. Happy Lacrosse!

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