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Lacrosse Equipment Reviews


The New Balance Freeze LX V3 added back some of the old features from the first model and has now made on of the top lacrosse cleats out there.

They designed this shoe for players who want to push their limits by keeping the same quix rail outer lugs for quick cuts but increasing the underfoot traction to get you more bite when starting and stopping. These are made specifically for lacrosse. They also brought back to pull tab on the heel of the shoe, so you can easily adjust it on your foot.



Freeze Lx V3 Cleats are an essential part of a player's equipment. They are designed to provide traction on the field and grip the ground to avoid slipping and sliding. Cleats play a very important role in the overall game. Lacrosse turf shoes are super comfortable, and I love how this cleat feels like a sneaker because it features a bootie construction.

The freeze LX 3.0 lacrosse cleat delivers updated features and styling and is built to last; this rugged lacrosse shoe is sure to impress. They're comfortable, supportive, and great to make cuts in. The amazing features like lightweight, durable, and works well on turf or grass.

The cleats can dig and cut into the grass (or turf) so you don't slide or slip too much. If you play in bad weather, cleats will be extra useful because of the traction they provide. These cleats reduce the amount of grass and mud that sticks to your shoes so that you can run better.

The new balance freeze LX 3.0 lacrosse cleat's use of lightweight, flexible cleats on the athletic field has led to various soft tissue injuries. It would help if you chose the perfect pair of shoes for you. 

The cleats you choose, particularly the studs' type and arrangement, make a huge difference here. If you want a new balance freeze that will provide good traction on your preferred field type, LX V3 delivers every kind of comfort.


The high top gives ankle support and enhances the overall look when laced all the way up. These are lighter and more agile; you can feel the extra speed and make quick cuts. These cleats are solidly punched into the dirt, even on dry sandy turf.

It covers the entire ankle, which makes your ankle painless. People love it for its traction; when you're cutting, you're really going to catch the side, and its best than any of the cleats. Another best feature is that it helps you from slipping and gives you extra traction and have gone with a really slim, tight-fitting tongue.


 The synthetic material of the new balance freeze LX V3 is great; it will not pull out, snag or rip, and keeps it breathable and lightweight.

For the lacrosse players looking for a game-changing feel, this shoe features a TPU molded cleat outsole to provide incredible traction on turf and natural surfaces, so you can cut your hardest. With a lightweight Fit Weave upper and a durable film on the toe, this lacrosse cleat provides the comfort and durability needed to help you perform your best.

The material is breathable, and mesh construction won't slow you down or hold you back as you sprint down the field.


This Freeze Lx v3 is unisex and can be used for both men and women. The only difference between women's and men's lacrosse cleats is the size. Women's lacrosse cleats are designed to fit a woman's foot, which is typically narrower than a man's foot; additionally, women's cleats tend to be lighter weight and have less padding than their male counterparts.


New Balance freeze LX 3.0 lacrosse is particularly suitable for players with skin or ankle problems. They support the foot better than normal lacrosse cleats.

These shoes are also ideal for running and for skill training. These shoes have plastic or metal spikes outside the sole for traction purposes. Lacrosse cleats help players from slipping and getting injured when making sharp cuts or running. So far, the clear is great for scratches and quick spots.


  Lacrosse-specific footwear provides optimum grip in any field condition. Whether your position is midfield, attack, or defense, you can find exactly what you need here.

From supportive and flexible uppers to responsive sole plates, the collection of low and high-top lacrosse cleats goes above the industry standard.

It is calculated spike configurations built with durable, lightweight materials for quick acceleration and precision cutting. Knitted and synthetic uppers ensure protection and control during quick multi-directional moves. This construction allows flexibility while enabling sharper cuts with better footing against your opponent.

New Balance turf shoes for men feature durable rubber outsoles for superior grip and long-lasting comfort. Bootie construction creates a custom-like fit and unmatched support to help you break through defense toward the goal.

Whether you're suiting up for the first time or a seasoned college lacrosse player, these cleats are made for all levels of experience. Each pair provides the support and comfort you need to focus on what matters most.


  • Breathable 
  • Super comfortable
  • Supportive 
  • Lightweight
  • Painless
  • Durable
  • High-quality material
  • multi-directional
  • Flexible
  • Unisex
  • Incredible traction     

These Freeze LX V3 lacrosse turf shoes offer more comfort and stability than any other shoe on artificial surfaces. Turf shoes are also the most comfortable option for off-field practices and training. They are good for use in batting cages, and many coaches like these shoes regardless of the surface of the playing field.

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